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Clothes for new baby

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acquiescence Sun 16-Aug-15 19:50:36

I have read a few old threads on this topic but would be interested to know what you have/had/are getting for your baby for the first few months.

I have been given quite a bit already and have bought some off eBay and nct sales. So far I have:

Newborn/up to 1 month size:
5x short sleeve vests/bodysuits
5x long sleeve vest/bodysuits
11x babygros/sleep suits
1x cardi
1x all in one fleecy
1x snow suit

0-3 month size
8x sleeve vest/bodysuit
5x short sleeve vest/bodysuit
5x babygros
1x cardI
Will get vests

Also have lots of bibs on various sizes, muslins, a few pairs of socks and scratch mitts ( some babygros have built in mitts) and a few bits and pieces in size 3-6 months.
Plus have a few small baby vests and babygros just in case. Also have some 0-3 leggings and hats.

I will get a few more 0-3 things as the months pass (due in November).

I'm just wondering about numbers, am I getting enough/too many? Should I buy any little outfits or just wait and see if I get some as presents? I'd rather the baby was comfortable than wearing cute little outfits which are not that comfy and awkward.

Reachout Sun 16-Aug-15 20:24:32

Hi hun, I personally wouldn't bother with cute little outfits (but definitely bother with cute sleep suites wink), because as you say they aren't really comfy for newborns, but get a few cute things in 0-3/3-6 if that's your thing!

As for the sleep suites, I'd highly recommend ones with built in scratch mits as they're really snug so much less like to come off, and plus you'll never end up with odd ones because they can't get lost smile

Also, I'd suggest another 10 of those vests/sleepsuites, purely because they get puked/pooped upon often, even without a reflux baby. So it's much easier to have more at hand unless you want to stand their at the washing machine all day. Perhaps another cardi too, just in case? Oh and lots of num nums but I'm sure you've already thought of that.

Good luck for labour and congratulations thanks

WillowB Sun 16-Aug-15 20:46:53

With DS we were given loads of clothes as presents. Mainly in sizes 0-3 months as people seemed to think that they were thinking outside the box because everyone else would have bought newborn stuff!
This time I have a few basics and I'm not buying anything extra until after baby arrives.

contractor6 Sun 16-Aug-15 21:32:39

Reach out what are num mums?

Shootingstar2289 Sun 16-Aug-15 21:43:28

I would say buy more cardigans especially if you are due in Winter! handy to put over baby grow when it's cold and they often get sicked on and need regular washing so 1 might not be enough smile

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