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Seeking dentist advice please... 26wks pregnant

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KDW83 Sun 16-Aug-15 17:26:40

Wondering if there are any dentists here...
Am in throbbing pain with a tooth, starts about 2pm then gets worse - to the point of being unbearable - throughout the afternoon/evening before subsiding at about 11pm.
I have had problems with this tooth before and had a root canal and crown about 18-24m ago. Had root canal in London (was living there at the time), dentist was brilliant and when I moved back to Brighton and went to new dentist - who did my crown - she commented on what a good job he'd done.
I went to my dentist on Thurs and he tapped the teeth, said he thinks it's an infection but can't say/do any more as can't x-ray as I'm pregnant. Prescribed me antibiotics (reluctantly) which I started taking on Thurs, however it's now Sun evening and they've have absolutely no effect whatsoever - leading me to think it might not be an infection. Prior to my root canal I had an abscess, that was treated with antibiotics too and they started to take effect pretty quickly.
Behind the tooth, where the gum meets the crown, I can see it's black. I wonder if the problem is that the gum has receded and something (a nerve) is exposed, which is causing the pain.
I called an emergency dentist earlier today and they basically said the same thing, that they can't x ray, use local anaesthetic, do anything as I'm pregnant but both that dentist and my own dentist didn't seem very confident in treating pregnant women so I'm concerned it's a lack of confidence rather than not being able to do certain treatments as they're not safe. The emergency dentist was also saying they couldn't be sure which tooth it is, even, without an x ray even though I KNOW which tooth it is, I can see it and feel it!! Just feel so frustrated, I'm also working full-time in a busy job, I feel like I can't carry on like this for another 3m, it gets to the point I can't think/speak/eat and I don't want to be taking paracetamol every day for the rest of my pregnancy as that's not going to be any good for the baby either.
Has anyone else had a similar problem or can anyone offer any advice???
(Sorry post is long... am hoping a magical dentist somewhere will be able to read it and give me the answer...!)

larkspurr Sun 16-Aug-15 17:46:21

I'm not a dentist, sorry - but a really good dentist told me when I was pregnant that if it is necessary for the mother's health, more invasive dental work can be done - they just try to avoid it if it isn't absolutely necessary. You are also beyond the first trimester, which I understand makes treatment safer. If you do have an abscess/infection, it should be treated because the infection won't be good for the baby either. I was given all of this advice when I started to have some pain/sensitivity around a recently crowned/root canal filled tooth in pregnancy and was worried about it (when I mentioned it to my midwife, she advised me to see the dentist as any infection would need to be dealt with). Can you see a different dentist, or perhaps ask your midwife's advice? Poor you - it sounds horrible - I hope a different dentist will be able to offer you further advice.

Junosmum Sun 16-Aug-15 18:01:03

You can have xrays when pregnant, they just need to shield your belly with one of those apron jobbies. They may refer you to a hospital to do this though (bit risk averse).

The infection itself will only make things worse, so I'd go see your GP and ask for a referral to the hospital for dental work. They can only say no.

ReggaeShark Sun 16-Aug-15 18:06:36

DH is a dentist. Said it can take 3 days for antib's to work. Apply cold compress under chin/on side of face (depending on which tooth). Avoid eating/drinking hot things. Take paracetomol. If no relief after 3-5 days request alternative antib's.

KDW83 Sun 16-Aug-15 20:04:07

Thanks everyone, this is all really helpful :-)
First port of call, think will go back to my own dentist and if I don't get anywhere, will try somewhere else...

totty77 Sun 16-Aug-15 21:15:36

Hello. You have my sympathy......toothache when pregnant is really awful. Just wanted to say, i am 29 weeks pregnant and had root canal surgery two weeks ago. I'm with Denplan and my dentist assured me there was no risk at all with the injections he used. It was totally painless also.

There are different types of injections that can be used, i think he used something called dentalvibe. Sorry i cant remember specifically. Just wanted to let you know you dont have to suffer because you are pregnant.

Cheshirehello79 Mon 17-Aug-15 10:54:05

Hi kdw if just had same issues only resolved about 2 weeks. Had a filling about 15 years ago and never had issues with my teeth and suddenly im pregnant now 25 weeks was 21 weeks when it started and the tooth ache started. I was given dose of antibiotics and those didn't do nothing. Had to top up with paracetamol to have any effect. I was in that much pain some days I felt like was going to piss myself if you get the gist .

Anyways booked myself to an emergency appointment and was booked in next day. Must say dentist was brilliant. They couldn't X-ray but they checked my gums and use other technology to look at all the teeth. She definetly confirmed I had an infection on the filled tooth and had 3 more visits after that all required local anaesthetic which is allowed during pregnancy and after 1st trimester as I had to ask my consultant if that's allowed.

Gum dieases or tooth infection is very serious whilst pregnant as the infection goes straight through your blood stream and the baby which can trigger early labour.

The first appointment they gave me antibiotics
Second session the took out old filling and cleaned the tooth and put antibiotic directly on the tooth and temporary sealed it
Third appointment they sterilised the tooth cleaned and as I can't do the root canal until it's ex- rayed - that will get done after birth but they've now permanently sealed it until then.

My gums feel ok and my tooth is not causing any trouble anymore at the moment . I would speak to your dentist and urge thenm to treat it and tell them the antibiotics are not working. Call nhs direct if no luck and they will recommend different dentist in your area.

Good luck

Jenny1231990 Mon 17-Aug-15 11:06:28

I haven't read all the replies but i had terrible toothache with my 2nd in a tooth that had played up for years but I was to scared to get sorted.
I ended up in that much pain that I went to emergency dentist who had no quarms in injecting and removing the tooth, I took antibiotics also to clear up the infection. So they can do something surely to help you.
Dd is 15 months now and fine and I was fine after too.
I was told not to put anything warm as it can cause infection to spread. Not sure how true that is and to use something cold
Take paracetamols every 4 hours even if the pain stops just keep topped up.
I sympathise toothache is the worst.
Keep on at them.
Best of luck x

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