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Just found out I'm pregnant after late miscarriage - nervous wreck!

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LolaStarr Sat 15-Aug-15 20:16:12

To cut a long story short, I got pregnant with twins late on last year. I lost one at 10 weeks, then I lost my second little boy at 21 weeks in April, and it absolutely broke my heart. I had a really tough time, I spent a lot of time in hospital and needed a blood transfusion. DH and I decided to start trying again in June as the longer I left it the less likely I was to want to again. I got my BFP on Thursday, and while I'm over the moon I'm struggling a bit because it was supposed to be my due date next week, and I don't know how to feel. I'm also TERRIFIED it's going to happen again even though I've been told by my consultant there's next to no chance of the same thing reoccurring. Every time I go to the loo I'm so scared I'm going to see blood. I have no idea how I'm going to get through the next 8 months. Has anyone else been through this, and how did you cope?

lauraa4 Sat 15-Aug-15 20:24:38

Hi Lola congratulations flowers

I have no experience of late miscarriage but I did have a mmc last year and am now 34 weeks pregnant. It is terrifying and I remember going into panic mode this time thinking the same thing was going to happen again. I was also reassured that I was no more 'at risk' of having a miscarriage again as anyone else.

Even now I still worry and can't wait until he's here safe but I remember in the first trimester especially my anxiety was sky high!

LolaStarr Sat 15-Aug-15 20:31:21

Hi lauraa4, thanks for the reply. I think once I get a few weeks out of the way and maybe have a scan I'll chill out a little but I'm really struggling at the minute. Every time I feel slightly crampy I panic, even though I know it's normal at this stage. Congratulations on your pregnancy, really hope everything goes smoothly for you!

northdownmummy Sat 15-Aug-15 20:33:59

lola there's a thread for ladies who are pregnant after miscarriage, search for " posifrickintive"

Very friendly and supportive as vice all been through something similar and understand the complexity of emotions at times like due dates and anniversaries.

For me the days running up to my due date were much worse than the actual day. I found keeping busy, talking to my DH and marking the occasion all helped

Gingernut81 Sun 16-Aug-15 08:31:51

Like others I haven't experienced late miscarriage but had two early miscarriages last year. When I found out I was pregnant this time I felt exactly the same as you. As it happens I was also in the process of getting some counselling for the previous miscarriage which helped a bit as they worked on trying to get me to think a bit more rationally about things. Perhaps that's something you could consider? My husband was also incredibly supportive and we spoke about our worries quite a lot, I think it just helped to share them and offload to another person. I don't think I felt entirely 'safe' until I had my 20 week scan and even now at 35 weeks I still worry!
Try to remain positive and good luck with this pregnancy xx

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