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Dog acting strangely

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Wildflower91 Sat 15-Aug-15 19:39:52

I'm 17 weeks pregnant with twins and lately I've noticed my dog acting really strangely around me lately, for example she loves to see me now and cuddles into me on the sofa and rests her head on my hand, before I was pregnant she didn't really bother much with me..any other expectant mummy's experiencing similar?

Frillsandspills Sat 15-Aug-15 19:50:57

I have two dogs and one of mine hasn't left me alone since I've been pregnant. He stays with me every night and cries outside my bedroom for me to let him in.. Hope it carries on after I've had the baby because I'd miss it!

Peanut2480 Sat 15-Aug-15 20:14:42

I have two cats and I know this sounds weird but they acted really strange about a week before I found I was pregnant with my last child (2010). I have one cat that is not a lap cat and one that is..They both guarded me like guard dogs. I couldn't go to the toilet without them following! This time round I didn't know I was pregnant again!!! and one of my cats was glued to me! guarding me! coming in my bedroom constantly, on the bath mat whilst I bath. Even my husband thought it was weird and said maybe the cat was poorly or dying since he is old. Anyway I tested a week later after missed period and low and behold pregnant! now it all makes sense, he was exactly the same! He's gone from knowing he's not allowed to sleep in the bedroom to barging his way in and sleeping at the foot of the bed where I cannot see him until I wake up. Hilarious really. I think animals are very intune with all those far reaching senses they have. They either act like glue or repel depending on how much hormones your giving off or whether they can stomach it!

ejclementine Sat 15-Aug-15 21:06:42

Yes!! I have two and they're both very interested in me, but one in particular is insistent on laying on me of an evening and she curls herself around my bump. I think she was probably the first to feel baby moving from the outside smile it's lovely.

docmcstuffins1 Sat 15-Aug-15 21:07:55

My dogs don't seem bothered but I'm only 10 weeks so maybe too early. My sister said her dog used to follow her everywhere from about 14 weeks, and any time she sat down, the dog would sit next to her and rest her head on her bump!

Junosmum Sun 16-Aug-15 00:06:43

2 of my cat's who aren't particularly affectionate are much more so towards me, the third who is usually all over me will barely come near me!

charleybelle Sun 16-Aug-15 07:57:03

My cats are exactly the same! They are now so much more affectionate to me and constantly wanting to sit on my lap or sleep by my tummy - it's really sweet! They follow me round all the time and one of them sleeps with her paws and head resting on my tummy - the look of shock on her face when she felt baby kick was priceless!!

zannyminxoxox Sun 16-Aug-15 08:42:34

My cats like that obsessive she was like it with my other 2 pregnancies

MissSMartin Sun 16-Aug-15 10:02:05

aww my childhood dog lives with my dad and your making me really miss him with these lovely stories hehe smile

blondiejess1982 Sun 16-Aug-15 10:40:28

My cat literally won't leave me alone! She was padding/pawing on my tummy yesterday (not sure if the is the correct term -but cat owners will know what I mean!). She is usually affectionate but also has a not so friendly side, but recently she has been so loving all the time . Funny things : )

MrsC86z Sun 16-Aug-15 21:48:14

This is so reassuring! We have a dog who is 5 and since being a puppy he has slept in his own bed down stairs, away from our bedroom behind a baby gate to stop him coming up. From being about 14 weeks pregnant he started whining and barking at night, we couldn't figure out why at first but removed the baby gate and now he sleeps outside our bedroom door! Which isnt earl but sometimes when we get up he is in his bed so I think he just wants to be able to come up to protect me if he needed to. He isnt really any more protective of me during the day, but has slowed down on his walks when he's off his lead and waits for me and looks behind to check I'm coming. Animals truley are amazing!

muddymary Mon 17-Aug-15 09:32:26

Ah my lovely staffy was the same. Not right through my pregnancy but for the last few weeks before ds was born she wouldn't leave my side. Every night she would sit with her head on my bump - I loved it!
My next door neighbour thinks it might be because they can hear the baby inside you.

Jasmine12 Mon 17-Aug-15 15:41:43

You all are so lucky. Pets are angels - they are protecting you!

I dearly miss my lovely dog. My life. My soul. My everything. She died 3 yrs ago and I am still grieving. I miss my cats too. I have no pets today - but it was a blessing having many many years with them. Such a blessing.

Labradormummy Mon 17-Aug-15 16:22:56

I have two dogs and whilst the one is very independent and enjoys his own space, the other is very clingy and needy and has been like this since we rescued him. It'll be interesting when little one comes along to see how they react. I think the older one will be quite protective however the younger one will be wanting to cuddle and snuggle at every available opportunity!!

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