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Did this prediction chart work for you?

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Rose58 Sat 15-Aug-15 16:44:08

Curious to see if this was correct for anyone!! A bit of fun! smile

TreeSparrow Sat 15-Aug-15 16:58:36

Not only does it get the sex wrong (no surprise there) but it gets my age wrong too despite you putting your actual date of birth in. Ridiculous.

Rose58 Sat 15-Aug-15 17:08:21

It's calculating your lunar age!

originalusernamefail Sat 15-Aug-15 17:08:32

I suppose I could technically say it was right for me in that it said I would have a boy ..................or a girl confused

MrsAukerman Sat 15-Aug-15 17:28:17

It's right for me.

TravellingToad Sat 15-Aug-15 17:41:52

It says I can pick! Boy or girl. Haven't had 20w scan yet so don't know which it is

sepa Sat 15-Aug-15 21:51:08

Says I will have a girl which I have had a feeling that it's a girl for about a week now (currently 9 weeks)
Only another 31 weeks till we see if it's true grin

Bumpingalong84 Sat 15-Aug-15 22:58:18

I'm not sure I believe it, but it's got it right for me! At least I hope it has, I've been told I'm having a girl at my 20wk scan and the calendar says girl! I'm just praying the scan was right or I'll have a very girlie boy smile

chopsface Sat 15-Aug-15 23:09:23

I also got take your pick but most likely a boy. I'm having a boy. If it had said definitely a boy I might have been more impressed....

mrschatty Sun 16-Aug-15 09:11:55

It said I'm having a boy which I've been convinced about since I got bfp. I'm 18w and not finding out at scan so long way to go to see if it's right!

MissSMartin Sun 16-Aug-15 09:58:25

nope! It said I'm most likely to have a boy.. but I found out on Tuesday she's a girly!
I did all the old wives tales though and everyone pointed to a girl. . but I only did it for fun! I don't believe it's real lol smile

sepa Sun 16-Aug-15 12:28:15

My cousin was told she was having a boy at her 20w scan. She had a girl. Only sure way of knowing is when the baby pops out! grin

MissSMartin Sun 16-Aug-15 13:34:43

flipping eck sepa haha I would cry (I wouldn't mind the sex) it would be just because I have bought so much pink or girly clothing.. I have my 20w scan on 8th September so I'm hoping the second my private scan and say girl aswell! confused lol

ARV1981 Sun 16-Aug-15 13:57:09

I get "could go either way".... I've chosen not to find out. Now 36 weeks and so so so curious!! But looking forward to the surprise in a month's time!!!

sepa Sun 16-Aug-15 17:58:28

MissSMartin - she had given all her girls clothes from last baby away and stocked up all in blue! Luckily she had found it quite funny. It's one of the reasons I won't find out though as that sort of thing could have been really devastating for some people

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