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12 week scan by the midwife, not the sonographer? Advice on Nuchal Test please!

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CarrieLouise25 Sat 15-Aug-15 13:01:41

Basically, I went to see the midwife at my booking in appt and she explained about all the screening tests (although not very well - she mainly explained the conditions downs, edwards, patau's - and very little about the tests).

I remember about miscarriage risk mentioned etc, and then she talked about aborting a baby that could be breathing and I started crying and said no I don't want any tests please, just my normal 12 week scan.

So she put declined down on my notes.

Anyway, at the end she said your date will come through much quicker, as you've declined the other tests, and I didn't really know what she meant. I was booked in past 11 weeks, so I'm just happy to get my scan date in asap.

But this morning my letter comes through and the appt is with the midwife, not the sonographer.

With DC1 and DC2 I had the nuchal test done as part of 12 week dating scan. This is the test I wanted with DC3, so it would give me a possible indication of Down's. But it just looks like a dating scan.

Is the nuchal test not part of the scan anymore?

Now I don't know what do to. At the time she said, it's good you don't want any extra tests done, as with your booking in so late, you wouldn't get it done before 14 weeks now anyway.

So now I'm confused. Any ideas?

I've tried to phone up the antenatal clinic but it's always 'call back later when we're not so busy' and that's it.

Sorry for the long ramble...x

Mulligrubs Sat 15-Aug-15 13:10:04

The nuchal test is part of the screening for downs sydrome, edwards syndrome etc along with the blood test. You declined the screening - which is why you aren't having the nuchal fold test. Sounds like midwife didn't explain the screening very well to you. The test that increases risk of miscarriage is amniocentesis I believe, and that would only be done if the nuchal fold and blood test came back with a high risk.

You told the midwife you didn't want any tests which is why you'll only be getting a dating scan and no nuchal measurement taken as part of the scan. Obviously she really didn't explain this properly so I'd call them now, tell them you are confused, you do want to know the risk of downs syndrome as part of the scan and go from there.

Mulligrubs Sat 15-Aug-15 13:11:23

Also, in my area the midwives do the 12 week scans whether you're getting the nuchal fold measured and want to know the risk of downs syndrome. It isn't done by a sonographer, so that is quite normal.

CarrieLouise25 Sat 15-Aug-15 13:12:39

Thank you Mulligrubs, that really has helped me understand what happened, I'm going to call them today (soon as I get through!).


Mulligrubs Sat 15-Aug-15 13:39:27

I hope you manage to get through quickly and get it all sorted smile

CarrieLouise25 Sat 15-Aug-15 13:43:01

Thank you smile

I got through eventually, but have to call back Monday am to change anything as the lady that deals with it isn't in until then.

But at least I have hope of changing it! Just need to wait a bit longer...

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