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Missed miscarriage

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Butterflykiss12 Sat 15-Aug-15 10:17:56

I went for a ultra sound this week and found out my baby had stopped growing and doctor said I had a missed miscarriage . I was booked in for a medical management . I feel angry , confused and upset that this has happened . I keep crying all the time and greif. Me and my husband where on clomid when we conceived and it was our first round . I have pollysistic ovaries . We have been booked back into the infertility clinic for November . I have one round of tablets left at home off the time we conceived . Does anyone think these would be safe to take or should I wait for my appointment In November?

ffffffedup Sat 15-Aug-15 10:36:13

Not sure about the clomid as I don't have any personal experience however your very fertile after pregnancy anyway so maybe just see what happens between now and your next appointment.

I do have personal experience of a mmc though it's awful isn't I felt cheated angry and heartbroken. It took me a year before I decided to try again as I wasn't sure I'd be able to cope if mc happened again.

Butterflykiss12 Sat 15-Aug-15 11:19:16

Thanks so much for your reply . And I am so sorry to hear about your loss . I have the exact same feelings ... Feeling cheated by my body.its so confusing and emotional . Due to go back to work Monday . Have a very stressful job and not sure I am ready to go back yet .

lilac3033 Sat 15-Aug-15 13:21:03

I had a mmc a little over a year ago. Take time off. I was off for a week. I am not sure if you've had the medical management yet or not, but it can lead to quite heavy bleeding for a few days. I am always one to rush back to work but really it wasn't worth it with the emotions and physical side effects. Just curl up at home, grieve and go back when you are ready. Your employer should understand.
Normally you are ok to try again after one cycle, just so you know your dates. Can you call the fertility clinic and ask if it's ok to take? I don't see why it wouldn't but I've never taken it, although my sister did.

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