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Managing stress and anxiety in pregnancy

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teaandcake2016 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:14:29

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some advice and ideas. There are different things happening at the moment (involving partner, work, In laws Etc) which are making me feel so agitated , angry and stressed. I can normally deal with anything as I am quite resilient, but I am so worried about the effect this is having on the baby sad

I know that the best solution is to solve/end all the things/people making me feel like this, but in the meantime while I work on that, what can I do to prevent all this stress and worry Impacting on the baby? I'm so worried it's not good for him/her.

And ideas greatfully received! So far I am having lots of long baths, rests and chocolate - any other ideas or words of wisdom?!

warriorbot Fri 14-Aug-15 22:04:23

I find mindfulness really helpful. I personally like Jon Kabat Zinn's recordings. Also, easier said than done, but try not to worry about worrying! Keep eating well and taking prenatal vitamins and gentle exercise and you'll be doing plenty to give your baby a great start as well as looking after yourself.

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