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cramp - pain and paranoia..

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Doublebubblebubble Fri 14-Aug-15 19:30:47

Hi all. 32 weeks and have been suffering awfully with cramps in my legs. Anyway last Saturday I had 2 cramps in quick succession. Super painful and it basically left me limping for at least 3 days afterwards (I also have spd - probably my fault given the amount of fat weight I have put on) and its still painful now (my calves are sooooo tender) but today I have noticed that I am having pain in my right upper thigh.... Now, I'm going to blame mumsnet for this lol when I was reading about cramps and possible solutions when I also happened to read that some cramps can lead to blood clots/dvt... As I have no reason for the pain in my thigh (that I can think of - it is possibly a sleep injury) I have kind of convinced myself that I have dvt...

I've also been drinking indian tonic water *bleurgh* by the gallon but it hasn't helped really. Is this just super paranoia (very likely) or can a "cramp" move up your leg??

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