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Baby & toddler event

(8 Posts)
Cheshirehello79 Fri 14-Aug-15 15:57:33

Hi guys

There's free tickets for this event in the northwest and south thought I should share it looks like great fun day especially for new mums. Use code EC103 to get free tickets :-)

Butterchunks Sat 15-Aug-15 00:30:54

Sounds good, could you post a link please?

Butterchunks Sat 15-Aug-15 00:40:03

Ignore me, figured out it's the event city show. free tickets booked, Was planning on going to this, thanks for the heads up Cheshire

Shoegal30 Sat 15-Aug-15 15:35:02

Thanks for this Cheshire - have just managed to get my free tickets xx

MrsMB01 Sat 15-Aug-15 19:06:23

Thank you for this we have our free tickets smilegrinsmile

Cheshirehello79 Sun 16-Aug-15 01:21:21

You're welcome guys :-)

Karelia81 Sun 16-Aug-15 10:49:15

Thanks for the info smile

Cheshirehello79 Sun 16-Aug-15 17:49:08

Can I just say I went to mamas and papas new parents event today and these events are well worth. I managed to get discount on every item infact I got £300 off my new cyber Priam limited edition with the sirona car seat I'm buzzing. I'm sure they will have more offers in this event so get yourselves free ticket ladies and take some money with you as you will spend.

There was also free first aid course session which was brilliant.

I'm buzzing today after my saving and having completed my beanster shopping for now :-)

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