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Do migraines really not affect the fetus?

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saivartelija Fri 14-Aug-15 12:04:22

The internet suggests not, but how could we possibly know either way, because presumably there havn't been any controlled tests with one group of pregnant ladies having no migraines, and some having regular migraines induced...

I get migraines with a few different symptoms. I get one-sided head pain (which I can accept probably does not affect the baby), gastric stasis (which means that my stomach essentially shuts down for 24 hours and I can't eat food or drink much, which seems to make my morning sickness much worse in general), and exhaustion (which means I am too tired to be active in any way for a few days after the migraine, which presumably makes my pregnancy slightly less healthy overall).

Does anyone know about whether gastric stasis affects the fetus? I'm worried that the effect of it is a bit like a fast, and the NHS website suggests that pregnant women should be cautious about fasting. I don't want to take migraine meds while I'm pregnant, but I'm starting to wonder if meds would be better than getting gastric stasis every other day.

mummyneedinganswers Fri 14-Aug-15 12:54:38

I suffer migraines and they actually don't know what fully causes them though in pregnancy the hormones don't help. The gastric stasis wouldn't affect baby as its only 24 hours and anything you do injest baby would take. Get migraines where projectile vomit all day and I faint and take shakes etc but my migraines last anywhere from 3-5 days non stop. I'm not sure they even give migraine medicine in pregnancy. Women have been suffering migrAines in pregnancy for many years and all seem relatively fine x

Junosmum Fri 14-Aug-15 13:39:29

I'm not worrying about mine. Most things that affect mum don't affect baby - cold, most virus', most tummy bugs etc. And those that do its usually the impact of the not eating/ drinking for days at a time affecting.

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