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fed up at 39+1 (I know I'm being impatient but still....)

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Rosenwyn1985 Fri 14-Aug-15 10:02:02

Title says it all really, having a really tough pregnancy due to health compilations. My midwife has offered me an induction at any time (with a wait of about 5 days due to local hospital being busy) but I'm trying to hold out until full term, at which point she'll do a sweep and book me in. My firstborn was here at 39+4 and I'm basically just fed up.

I've hardly slept in days, the Braxton hicks are sometimes really regular (as in every 5 minutes last night and painful but they died off). I've got a toddler who i swear must think I've turned into the most boring parent ever. I'm sore and feel like I weigh a tonne, convinced this baby will be late. First time I had no symptoms until my waters broke and when they started baby was born in 5 hours so I'm anxious I won't recognise early labour. If I wasn't pregnancy I'd honestly say I was depressed I'm so lethargic!

Not sure what I'm expecting but just needed to vent! Haha!

NoMontagues Fri 14-Aug-15 10:33:07

What can I say except hang in there, you're on the home stretch now even though I know it feels interminable.

Mine were born at 39+1 and 39+4 and with my second, once I got to 39+2 I was furious- what the hell is this bullshit! I don't want to have a longer pregnancy than last time! But in the end it wasn't too long a wait.

Hope you go soon smile

Rosenwyn1985 Fri 14-Aug-15 13:08:27

Thanks, I know I'm being impatient but that's how I feel! First time was great because everyone I knew went over and I was convinced I would too. So lovely surprise! This time it's the opposite!

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