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Nervous and worried

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Mahvish84 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:23:28

Hi all,
I'm newly pregnant - 5 weeks. Went to the GP this week, and booked an appointment with a midwife in 2 weeks. But I'm experiencing light bleeding. Is this quite normal? I'm getting mixed views on the internet. Yours would help. Thanks!

Blackandwhitecat3 Thu 13-Aug-15 22:24:57

Hello and congrats on your pg. bleeding is more common than I knew in early pregnancy. It can simply be some bleeding from the cervix, which is more fragile than normal due to pg hormones, or some breakthrough bleeding of womb lining or it can be the start of a mc. It's common to bleed a little after sex. Some women get a small bleed each time their period was due for the first couple of months.

I had a small pink bleed at 6 weeks and saw my GP who arranged a reassurance scan at the EPU. Everything was fine and I'm now 18 weeks.

Is the bleeding pink, brown or red? How much is there/how long have you been bleeding? Do you have any pain/cramps?

If you have a sharp pain on one side then you should contact your out of hours GP so that they can check you for ectopic pg. You may want to contact your GP/duty GP in the morning if you are worried (or you can ring out of hours GP).

Mahvish84 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:28:09

Thank you! That was really helpful. I had a scan at the EPAU this morning. They said that although I'm 5 weeks, its still too early to say anything, and have asked me to come in for another scan in 2 weeks, and to monitor the bleeding in the meantime. I'm not bleeding a lot, and not experiencing pain or cramps. The spotting has turned brown now. Don't know what means. I'm keeping everything crossed. confused
At your 6 week scan, what did the doctor say?

Blackandwhitecat3 Fri 14-Aug-15 21:51:11

I'm glad it helped. If blood is now brown, that means it's old blood, so just the remains of the same bleed coming out, not a new or continuing one (so that's good news).

I was 6+3 at my EPU scan and got to hear the heartbeat which was such a relief (and magic!) and see the yolk sacs and a tiny blurred baby. I felt so lucky. Dr said it was probably a bleed from the cervix.

Yours is a bit earlier, so I don't know if you were able to see anything on the scan? Hoping the bleeding stops now, fx

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