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MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 20:49:50

How many weeks/months, not sure if I am pregnant, with dd1 I began suffering from it at 6 weeks?

Interested to hear your experience?

chrissey14 Sun 09-May-04 20:51:01

hi i,ve been lucky will may 1st no MS only a littlw nausea may be

Hulababy Sun 09-May-04 20:55:47

I started being nauseaous from about 4.5 weeks, before I knew I was pg, and was being physically sick most days from 5.5 weeks to 14 weeks.

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 21:02:05

anyone suffered around 2-3weeks?

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 21:06:19

Hi Mammyshirl, started from day one of being pregnant, not physically sick but naseous...don't know in terms of pregnancy weeks but very early on!!!!!!

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 21:12:06

hello again

i think ill hold out until wed and buy another test, found the cheapest superdrugs own for 4.99 or two for 6.99

i never got physically sick during my first just thought i was going to all day and thats what i feel like now, it feels so high up im my stomach but i remember also that horrible metallic taste that lasted ages and i dont have that now...

lydialemon Sun 09-May-04 21:16:07

I started getting sick (but not feeling sick IYSWIM) with DS1 about 6/7 weeks. But, with DS2 and DD I stared feeling sick at least a week before my period was due. As far as I understand it, morning sickness is a reaction to the pregnancy hormones, so theoreticly you could start feeling ill from conception?

stace Sun 09-May-04 21:19:14

5 weeks for me both times and sick sick sick all nine months first time !!! 6 months now and still being sick!!!

MammyShirl Mon 10-May-04 09:18:18

anyone else?

Clayhead Mon 10-May-04 09:19:54

with dd & ds at about 6-7 weeks until about 16-17 weeks.

Felt so, so nauseous all the time, from morning until night, but was never actually sick.

Hulababy Mon 10-May-04 09:23:52

Can I just give everyone a warning - if you have pregnancy sickness don't go to the Carribean in the middle of August when it is red hot, no breeze, no 'normal' food, no rain I was about 9 or 10 weeks pg at the time, being sick every day and the two weeks were horrendous. IThe only thing I could eat was a packet of plain biscuits we found in the hotel shop. Spent most of holiday curled up on sun lounger under the shade wishing I was back home

MammyShirl Mon 10-May-04 09:30:12

HULABABY- that sounds like an awful experience, i think i would wait until my sickness stopped b4 going on holiday around 4-5 months, i remember feeling much better at that point.

Hulababy Mon 10-May-04 09:32:07

We did have some nice bits, but I have to admit on the whole it was pretty miserable We had booked the holiday months in advance and it was intended to help us relax and forget about ttc for a while - had been trying unsuccessfully for months and months. I was just so glad there was air con!!!

myermay Mon 10-May-04 09:38:19

Message withdrawn

smellymelly Mon 10-May-04 09:58:58

This time sickness started the day my af was due. I feel the absolute worst yet!! I only 6 weeks now. (other pregnancies was about 5.5 weeks)

They told me last week I'm having twins, apparently it's worse with 2 coz the hormone levels are so high, got at least another 6 weeks of sickness to go ...AAAGGGHHHH!!

Can anyone help me with what I can use to help??

Mammyshirl - Poundland do the cheapest ever tests - a pack of 2 for only £1 !! I bought about 8 packs, then it doesn't matter if you do loads.

(By the way I tested positive 5 days before af was due!)

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