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Raspberry leaf tea/tablets

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KLou1105 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:52:55

So I took raspberry leaf tablets (starting at 32weeks, 2 a day gradually working up to 6 aday over the weeks) with my first and had a quickest labour. First Pains at 2:30am, into hospital at 11:30am, went from 4cm dilated to 10cm in 1hour 30mins. However took me 3 hours to push baby out. It all seemed to go so quick and fairly smoothly, just wondered if this is because I took the raspberry leaf tablets or not. I heard that they are supposed to help soften the cervix and speed things up during labour. Anyone else have any feedback from using these? I'm definitely intending on taking them again at the end of this pregnancy smile I was also only 4days late x

RockerMummy184 Thu 13-Aug-15 14:58:47

I drank gallons and gallons of the tea when I was pg with DS, I was induced at 42 weeks, he was showing no signs of making an appearance and it still took days on the drip. I don't think it made any difference to me whatsoever! grin

StonedGalah Thu 13-Aug-15 15:03:29

I drank it too with dd1 and was induced at nearly 42 weeks. But l did have a quick labour once the induction worked.

Interested to see if anyone taking the tablets has a similar story to you OP as so far it looks like the tea doesn't work grin

Mulligrubs Thu 13-Aug-15 15:05:28

Took the capsules for weeks as it says to, was induced but didn't dilate past 1cm despite being on the drip for about 12hrs. Ended up with EMCS. So IMO all the raspberry tea stuff is utter bollocks

SaulGood Thu 13-Aug-15 15:12:02

It isn't supposed to make your first stage of labour faster. It's meant to be used as a uterine tonic making your second stage (the pushing stage) more efficient though there are lots of other spurious claims made about its use.

I drank quite a lot of raspberry leaf when pg with dd and took the tablets (I drink the tea anyway) and my second stage with her was 8hrs, then an emcs. grin

DS I didn't have a second stage as I had another emcs before that point.

It may help. A quick google suggested that in one trial, it shortened the pushing stage by 10 minutes.

The tea's nice though and it has other health benefits though you should be aware that there are some medicines it's not compatible with and some reasons (such as high bp) that mean you shouldn't use it either.

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