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cluecu Thu 13-Aug-15 10:02:40

Hello, hoping for advice on the below if possible....

I have a friend who is around 3 months pregnant and has Hyperemesis. She messaged me the other day to say she was feeling really low and I really want to do something to cheer her up. I live in a different city, so popping round to keep her company isn’t really an option, so I want to send her a care package in the post - any advice on what you think she would like would be appreciated!

Obviously because of the HE, some of the more ‘normal’ gifts are out – she has said anything with a strong smell sets her off, even shower gel, so no body butters or bath things and obviously no food as I don’t know what she can keep down!

Is there anything you really appreciated or made you feel a bit better?

Thanks in advance smile

LilacWine7 Thu 13-Aug-15 12:51:30

What a lovely kind idea smile

I have HG (34weeks now) and it can be very very depressing and isolating. Your friend may be stuck at home for some time so a care package in the post will really cheer her up.

I'd focus on things that will entertain her and make her smile... maybe a funny book, some magazines, audio-books, music (many HG sufferers find screens or reading make nausea worse especially in early stages). I was ok reading from a page or kindle but couldn't watch TV for months.

Boiled sweets helped my nausea, as did fizzy sour Haribos and fizzy cola bottles (lots of sufferers on the HG-thread swear by these). I'd avoid anything with ginger in as can make symptoms worse and cause heartburn. Maybe some nice herbal tea-bags? I drank a lot of peppermint tea, jasmine-green tea and lemon tea. I also sucked ice-cubes when I couldn't keep liquids down, I bought some fun ice-cube trays that make tiny parrot-shaped ice-cubes (better size to suck than regular ice-cubes). Also found my ice-lolly mould came in useful.

When I was in 2nd trimester and started to venture out, I was paranoid about being sick in public. A friend got me some sick-bags from Amazon, special ones with gel stuff in them that absorb vomit so it doesn't leak out. I was so grateful! It sounds a weird present but it gave me the confidence to go out and about without worrying I might not find a loo in time.

I also appreciated some fluffy bed-socks my mum sent me! It was January when my symptoms started and my feet were always cold.

I found accupressure wrist-bands have helped a bit, I ordered some pretty ones that look like bracelets.

You could also get her something for the baby... I found it really comforting to have a pair of cute baby-socks to look at when I felt really low... reminds you the HG will end and what you're doing it for!

Above all, try to visit her in person now and then (if possible). My best friend lives in a different city, I've been unable to drive or use public transport the whole pregnancy so really appreciated her making the journey to see me once a month. To start with she came to my house, then as I gradually improved we started going out and about, to the park, shops, so I could build my strength up. If visiting is too difficult, stay in regular contact with her by phone/text/email.

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