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Anyone else on Labetalol?

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ImpatiencePersonified Thu 13-Aug-15 09:36:59

So.... this week has been pants.

Went into maternity assessment convinced I had urine infection number 3 of my pregnancy....urine tests clear (apart from blood in urine but they don't seem too concerned about that) but was admitted overnight because I had high blood pressure and put on Labetalol for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I'm 33 +5 and as well as all the usual preggo niggles I now feel utterly spaced out on these tablets. I've taken this week off from work but really do need to go back on Monday for my last two weeks - I have so much I want to get done before I break off on mat leave and I genuinely have no idea how I'm going to function like a normalton seeing as it's taken me 10 mins to write this post!

I feel like screaming/crying/sleeping... if I had the energy I would!

Anyone else on labetalol and feeling like this? Also, did it effect your overall birth? I keep reading that the consultant "may" want me to go down the cesarean route rather than a natural birth?

PolShelby Thu 13-Aug-15 15:42:26

I had labetalol from about 28 weeks and it made me feel really sick/dizzy for about 2-3 weeks at first. I found laying down on the sofa for a bit after taking it in the morning and then going to work after the initial feeling passed helped a bit. I was just like you though and wanted to keep working, took my mat leave at 38 weeks in the end! Even managed to work whilst having daily midwife BP checks!

I opted for ELCS in the end because of the risks to me and DD from the high BP. Glad I did because it was a really good experience but I'm sure if you wish to try a natural birth then they will keep a very close eye on you so don't worry.

Two things to note - no one warned me they'd want to check DDs blood glucose after she was born because of the labetalol. 3 heel prick tests in 24 hours! I was really sad about that.

Secondly I think it contributed to the raynauds I have in one of my nipples! My Dr said this was a possibility and prescribed nifedipine which helped a bit. I did already have raynauds before taking labetalol though so chances of this happening to you are very remote! Hope that hasn't freaked you out.

Hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with your birth!

kamillaw Thu 13-Aug-15 23:43:54

I'm not currently preggers but took labetalol in my two pregnancies and yes it made me sleepy. I was signed off so can't really help on the work front. I gave birth naturally both times so don't think you have to have a c section!

Interesting point about blood sugar in baby, my first was ok second had a low dip but no one mentioned anything to do with the drugs? Or maybe they did all a bit hazy now!

Best of luck to you x

DefinitelyNotElsa Fri 14-Aug-15 05:49:21

I could have written your post OP - I'm 33+5 and was put on labetalol last week.

I'm a teacher so currently on summer holidays, but would have definitely needed most of this week off if I had been at work. The tablets make me feel a bit spaced out, although I have definitely started to feel a bit more normal these last couple of days.

What's then plan for you now? I've got a consultant appointment next week to discuss my care from now on and have got to have twice weekly appointments with the midwife to check BP and urine.

Quills Fri 14-Aug-15 08:19:46

I was on Labetalol from 10 weeks due to pre-existing hypertension - and yep, very sleepy and spaced out. I ended up being induced at 39 weeks due to concern about the placenta if I went beyond my due date, but DD2 was born a very healthy 8lb 11oz!

However, she did have to spend her first night in an incubator due to a low temperature, and the next day her blood sugars dropped quite drastically so she ended up being tube fed formula for 24 hours alongside my colustrum. She was perfectly fine once the sugars were stable, and we had no trouble establishing BFing, but I had no idea that any of that was likely to happen as nobody mentioned it as a possibility until I was in labour, despite the numerous consultant appointments I had during the pregnancy. So that's something you can maybe mentally prepare for a bit so it doesn't come as a shock if it happens to you and your baby.

OP and DefinitelyNotElsa, all the best for the rest of your pregnancies!

ImpatiencePersonified Fri 14-Aug-15 08:44:42

Oh gawd ladies no one has even mentioned any effect on the baby! I wouldn't mind but my bp was only high on Monday because they were stressing me out - it's been fine all the way along!

definitelynotelsa I was back in hospital yesterday for a midwife check - everything was grand but need to go and see the consultant on Tuesday..... I have no idea why. They just don't tell you enough!

Thanks for your kind words and wishes ladies,

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