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Hot Milk bra sizing - WTF?!

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u32ng Wed 12-Aug-15 22:06:48

According the the fitting bit of their website in measuring as a 34B.

I'm currently wearing a Fantasie bra in 30FFhmm

What is that all about?? If I bought a bra based on their measurements I doubt i'd get my nipple area in there...

What are others' experience of the sizing??

Topsy34 Wed 12-Aug-15 22:11:20

I gave up with hot milk, i ordered 2 or 3 second hand ones, none of which fitted in my normal size, ups and downs. I then bought the size suggested on their site and it didnt cover much at all. I switched to royce, not so pretty but so comfy!

marriednotdead Wed 12-Aug-15 22:14:27

Not fitted that brand in a while but from what I can remember, their bands are fairly generous and the cups not quite so much unless they're made of the microfibre stretchy stuff. Maybe try a 30G?

It infuriates me when companies sell great bras but use the old add 4/5 inches to the band nonsense.

Smurfingreat Wed 12-Aug-15 22:17:37

Don't know about their website, but I used to work as a bra fitter and sold a lot of Hot Milk stuff. The sizing is pretty on par with normal UK sizes, so just buy what you would be in UK sizing. The bras are pretty forgiving as if I remember right they have 4 or 5 rows of hooks across the back so accommodate growth/shrinkage pretty well. It's a few years since I stopped working in a lingerie shop, but doubt their sizing has changed that much.

The nightwear is also gorgeous, in fact I'm wearing a pair of HM pj bottoms now with a Bravissimo top, and I've never even had a baby!

DeandraReynolds Wed 12-Aug-15 22:20:24

Buy a bra in your normal size - their fitting guide does the old fashioned +4/5 inches thing.

ouryve Wed 12-Aug-15 22:21:53

None of their brast that I've ever seen look like they'd support anything over a real (intervention style) D cup, anyhow.

gloria2088 Wed 12-Aug-15 22:27:01

elle macphearson do lovely nursing bras which i found nicer than hot milk ones

LorryHen Wed 12-Aug-15 22:33:28

Agree with smurfing. I used to fit hot milk bras. If you know your size then just buy in the size you usually wear. They fit is pretty standard. I've got a green hot milk in a 34G and fits like any other brand in that size.

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