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Hyperemesis Help

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chellemcf Wed 12-Aug-15 18:24:18


I am hoping i can get some insight into other people with this and the treatment provided.

This is my second pregnancy with hyperemesis and I am struggling so much. I have been in hospital on a drip for a few days. However, due to having a little one I am keen to try and stay out of the hospital this time!! (I was in for 2 months in total last time)

My Dr has prescribed cyclizine but this is not working AT ALL. I am not managing much food and trying to stay hydrated through ice cubes.

Has anyone had any other medication with any success? Has anyone managed to survive the huge amount of guilt of not being able to look after their other little one? (This is what i am struggling with the most) I hear her little voice asking Daddy if 'mummy ok'. She hears me be sick and gets upset. I can't feed her as I can't stand the smell of food, I can't move much farther than my bathroom or bed. She must know there is something wrong and I miss just being with her for prolonged periods of time.

Any advice would be great, I am battling mentally with feeling alone and have people understand how bad I feel...

Hellohellohowareyou Wed 12-Aug-15 19:09:39

Only thing that reduced my vomiting was ondansetron. Didn't stop it completely but reduced it to 3/4 times a day. I've had 2 HG pregnancies too so sympathise, 2nd time is so much harder with a little one to consider too. My DD is now 7 weeks old now smile

Hellohellohowareyou Wed 12-Aug-15 19:10:20

There is an amazing HG support thread on this board with some lovely ladies who supported me so much during my worst

sarkymare Wed 12-Aug-15 19:51:15

I second ondandestrone. I was finally put on these a few weeks ago (now 31 weeks) and they have been by far the best meds I've had. While I was taking them I was sick maybe 5 times in a week. Once they run out I was hospitalised on a drip within 3 days. I've now been prescribed enough to last the duration of the pregnancy.

HCP are very reluctant to prescribe ondandestrone because it's expensive but if you're insistent and explain exactly how much this sickness is effecting your day to day life and by Extension your child's life then they should give you some.

There are phone numbers you can call listed on the HG thread that can help you obtain medication if your GP isn't useful.

This is my second HG pregnancy too so I can 100% sympathise with every word of your post! Just remember the mantra 'this too shall pass'

Best wishes x

chellemcf Wed 12-Aug-15 19:54:21

Thank you for getting back to me, HUGE congratulations on your little one smile. I have another appt on Friday so will push other medication. At the moment only being sick a few times seems like a dream.

To be honest i think my guilt of not parenting my DD is what is making me the worst at the moment.

Although a combination of tiredness and constant sickness is wearing me down.

Did you have sickness the whole time again or did it lessen with time? Did you have any survival foods? Last time i lived off pear pickin porky lollies. Sorry for all the questions, i cant find the thread for hyperemesis but I am probably not looking in the right place.

sarkymare Wed 12-Aug-15 20:01:53

^ HG thread

With my first pregnancy I was sick all day every day until around 28 weeks and then it tapered off to maybe twice a day until the end. This pregnancy the sickness didn't taper off hence why I'm now on ondandestrone.

sarkymare Wed 12-Aug-15 20:06:09

Oops posted too soon!

I haven't really found a miracle food cure but I do have a little system when choosing what to eat. If the sight/thought/smell of the food makes me think 'ew' then I avoid like the plague. If It seems even remotely appetising I will eat it. this often means healthy eating goes out the window.

Ice cold drinks have always been more likely to stay down than room temp or even chilled drinks too.

chellemcf Wed 12-Aug-15 20:16:30

Sarkymare, Thank you for the link!! And your reccomendation. I am currently 13 weeks and just thinking 'how on earth will make it to the end'

This evening my daughter pretended to wrech like mummy. She went to bed and i cried like a baby!! Lol. My poor husband thinks i am losing the plot.

I have not found a food i can stomach, i have found ice cold coke i keep down too. At this stage I couldnt care less if my food is healthy... then i feel guilty for feeling that too!!!

Did you get much support when you told people? My family have been wonderful and make my daughter dinner every night. My in laws asked why I would get pregnant again after last time!!!!

It is so nice to speak with others who have suffered this horrible illness!!!

Hellohellohowareyou Wed 12-Aug-15 20:32:21

First pregnancy sickness stopped at 28 weeks whereas this time it was around week 32, vomiting so much I tore my osephagus. had awful SPD too and on crutches so I was a joy to be around grin

For a while all I survived on was lucozade. Then progressed to one small Yorkshire pudding and a splash of gravy then a roast potato. Tinned peaches seem to be a good choice for others.
As others have said push for ondansetron and if you find a sympathetic GP then stick with them, I was signed off work for 3 months then put on reduced hours for the remainder of my pregnancy which was a real help.

MummyRaptor Wed 12-Aug-15 21:22:29

You poor thing, it is so difficult!

My DD1 was 2 when I was pregnant with DD2 and I felt so guilty about what she was eating because I couldn't make her any food and that I was too ill and exhausted to play with her.

I was told that giving her lots of fresh fruit, milk, wholemeal bread and cereal for a few weeks would be enough so that's exactly what I did. Very gradually I added more things as and when I felt able.

Explaining to her that it was a baby making me vomit and feel tired rather than actually being ill eased her anxiety though perhaps not the confusion. She thought I would vomit the baby out of my mouth and would shout 'C'mon mummy sick it up' whenever I was retching. It really made me laugh to have a tiny person championing the vomiting and made me realise that it wasn't going to be the scaring episode for her that I feared it might be.

She did a lot of play vomiting but the plus side of all that practise is that she has never missed the bucket during subsequent stomach bugs. Every afternoon I used to put the TV on for her while I sat near by with a bucket. I felt like a terrible parent at the time but the good news is that she can't remember any of it.

I found orange squash and coca cola helped (though with no aspartame) but have found it's so personal and changes from pregnancy to pregnancy.

Pregnancy three had the least vomiting and nausea of all and I think simply downing tools and having very low expectations of what I could do helped. Don't put any pressure on yourself to do anything until you're well enough! When it was tough I used to simply focus on the baby at the end - it's all worth it.

Keep going!

chellemcf Thu 13-Aug-15 08:17:21

Hellohellohowareyou and MummyRaptor, Thank you so much.

I too have been signed off work, I am sure my boss is thrilled!!

My DD is also 2, so I am hoping she doesnt remember a lot of this. This morning we have watched frozen in bed and I have explained that it is the baby making mummy sick. Although she has told me 'baby bold, she good' a lot.

I am going to push for other medication tomorrow. I am taking the highest dose of my tablets and honestly, I feel no different.

I think my body forced me to forget how bad this illness is.

Again, thank you so much for your support. You have made a very down in the dumps pregnant person smile today smile

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