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Empty sac at 6+ 5 days

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flyingbex Wed 12-Aug-15 17:47:11

I had IUI on 26th June. I had pains at the beginning so after about 3 weeks I went and had a scan which was 2 weeks ago (it was not even 5 weeks since the IUI) and was told the sac was empty and to prepare for the worst. I went again today and was told the same thing.. They should at least be seeing a yolk sac by now. They asked me if I wanted D&C but I said no. I'm booked in for another scan on 21 Aug in case there is any hope.. I"ve had no more pain and no bleeding so they think a MMC or it never developed. Can anyone give me their advice, good or bad.. This will be my 2nd MC. I guess it would explain why my symptoms have changed.. I'm clinging onto hope but still think in the back of my mind they are right. x

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