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Help! 19 weeks pregnant and wedding in a week!

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Natalieday1 Wed 12-Aug-15 15:31:38

Hi guys
This may be in the wrong section..
I'm 19, nearly 20 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby, so have a fair bump growing..I'm a size 14/16 probably closer to the 16 and have a wedding In a weeks time! Can't find a thing to wear, have a next account so looking to get a dress from there, but don't know what kind to get that would be flattering..the maternity dresses aren't really appropriate for a wedding and the one I found that I do like isn't in stock for 3/4 weeks confused can anyone give me any ideas?? not too fussed about colour..

musogirl295 Wed 12-Aug-15 15:47:06

I wore one of these in a different colour for a wedding at 26 weeks.

A really flattering style and you can tie it according to where your bump sits. A little pricey but they've got some lovely dresses and the delivery is very quick. They also sell quite well on Ebay afterwards!

Maxbenji Wed 12-Aug-15 16:16:04

I got a nice dress from Seraphine, that I've now worn dressed up for two weddings this summer, but it's ok to wear for work after too, so I can keep wearing it!
They have quite a lot of dresses on the website. I got this one:

jdear Wed 12-Aug-15 16:42:58

I second seraphine! Flattering but comfy dresses!

Clairejessica123 Wed 12-Aug-15 20:58:35

I got a maxi dress from jojomamanbebe which I wore to a wedding at 19 weeks and will be wearing it again on Friday at almost 28 weeks so plenty of room to grow in them

notascooby007 Wed 12-Aug-15 21:36:41

If you see something you like in the normal next range I'd try it in the next size up depending on the shape or style. How about a loose fitting maxi dress? I wouldn't spend a fortune on something maternity you'll never wear again.

Natalieday1 Thu 13-Aug-15 06:57:44

Thank u guys that's what I did I have ordered 4 dresses from next in a bigger size so hopefully one of them r fine..oh the stress gringrin

RoganJosh Thu 13-Aug-15 07:02:51

Have you any accessories already? If you are quite matching with shoes etc then you can get away with a less formal dress.
At the last wedding I went to there was a pregnant lady in black wide legged trousèrs and a bright pink top. Becasue she had other bright pink bits on it looked perfectly smart. Would something like that be easier, in whatever colours you like?

Natalieday1 Thu 13-Aug-15 07:13:52

Yeah that's what I have done, the ones I have ordered r pretty casual will just jazz them up a bit with accessories..didn't want to spend too much either as I'll never wear the dress again

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