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scared and upset

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angielou8 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:42:15

I was just looking to see if anybody has been through the same thing as this. I think i am around 6-8 weeks pregnant, i have irregular cycles so not 100% sure. this morning i have started spotting brown discharge only when i wipe i have had no cramps or anything but it worried me so i took another test with an IC and no 2nd line sad I have a drs appointment later today but am i right in thinking i have probably had a chemical pregnancy. I feel really sad and upset as we had been trying for a year and was so happy to get my BFP.

Frankie72 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:53:36

Have bloods done to check your hcg levels. They can tell you for sure what is happening. I'm getting brown spotting today and is horribly scary (I got preg straight after a miscarriage) I phoned the EPU and they want me to wait it out till
Friday when I have a scan scheduled.
Don't push for a scan believe me if your early it makes things worse look at the bloods they tell you what is happening better. Hope it all works out for the best. Everything crossed!

Ps ttc for about 2 and half years, it horrible to have a bfp threatened:-(

angielou8 Thu 13-Aug-15 16:29:51

Hi Frankie Thank you for your message. Unfortunately it just isn't my time and i woke up today heavy bleeding with bad cramps all day sad I have a scan tomorrow but not sure what they will do.
I really keep my fingers crossed for you and a good outcome with your scan tomorrow and wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy.

BumbleBee0 Thu 13-Aug-15 17:36:35

flowers x

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