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Feeling sorry for myself...

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BizzieBoo Wed 12-Aug-15 10:59:48

So, my first pregnancy (way back in 2011 grin) was a doddle - I was textbook and bar a bit of nausea at the start and heartburn at the end, I didn't have any issues out with the normal gripes.

Fast forward to 2015 and I'm having the complete opposite - sickness up to 20+ weeks, borderline dehydration, SPD, painful braxton hicks, average of 4 hours sleep a night.sad I also suffer from ME (usually not a huge issue and generally self managed) and have had a couple of flare ups! Throw into the mix a lively toddler and you get the idea!

This time, I feel as if I haven't enjoyed my pregnancy nearly as much. I felt great during my last, enjoyed my bump and the changes to my body. This time however I feel fat, tired and pretty useless. �� I'm a fairly active person usually and struggle with the days I am unable to do much. Also hugely struggling with my body image this time.

I've tried telling people (friends, my DP) how I feel but their response (obviously) is to tell me I'm not a huge fat whale etc etc. At 35+1 (and measuring 36+1) there's not a huge amount I can do and I'm not sure why I posted, I guess I was hoping for some solidarity and others who were feeling the same.


Rosenwyn1985 Wed 12-Aug-15 11:12:29

I honestly feel your pain, although my first pregnancy was awful too. I've got fibromyalgia and this time it's flared up even worse, as has my heart condition. I'm exhausted, Braxton hicks kept me up all night last night, I didn't sleep for longer than half hour in any one stretch. My husband has very wisely not said "you don't look like a beached whale" as I suspect he knows I'd thump him. Instead he talks about being excited for baby just so he can take a turn and I can rest. I've been sick twice today already, my hips are killing me and my little boy is being seriously neglected. I think he gets it though, he's playing with his toys very nicely today and generally being sweet. I'm 38+6 and it feels like I'll be pregnant forever!

SoontobeMommyof2 Wed 12-Aug-15 11:25:14

I feel your pain... didn't believe people when they said 2nd Baby would be so much harder. 1st Pregnancy back in 2008 was a breeze smile

This time I am struggling with everything you could possibly get (well feels that way lol)

My OH told me I roll over in bed like a beached whale and it disturbs his sleep... like to add he isn't exactly skinny himself and I've put up with it for all these years.

Keep telling yourself that it will be worth it in the end when your holding your little one smile

Ava50x Wed 12-Aug-15 22:20:03

Hi there BizzieBoo

Can totally sympathise. I'm currently 37+4 with my first pregnancy and its been so hard right from the beginning. Nausea and vomiting for 22 weeks, heartburn from 24 weeks... Sciatica, leg cramps, swollen feet- you get the picture. I'm just so looking forward to being over with this pregnancy already.

People keep telling me that hopefully because my pregnancy was so hard, I'll have an easier time with labour. No guarantees but we can always hope...

Take care of yourself and hopefully it'll get easier.

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