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Posterior placenta touching/crossing os - help!

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Queazy Tue 11-Aug-15 20:55:36

Hello all

I was told I had this at my 20 week scan today, so had to book in for a further scan at 32 weeks. The sonographer said it was common and nothing to worry about for me or baby, but would need to monitor closer to birth and obviously affects labour and can be risky if comes early.

Then...I googled and told a friend..,and now I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack hmm It said you can bleed early and the placenta can rupture. My friend said I shouldn't lift anything heavy and shouldn't fly, which is advice a consultant gave her. I have a toddler and due to fly on Friday to go on holiday hmm I'm so worried. I will call the midwifery team in the morning but how can I not have been told any of this? I'm worried I'm going to endanger my baby, as I have no idea what to do or not do hmm

Queazy Tue 11-Aug-15 20:56:08

p.s. It means it's touching or crossing a bit of cervix

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 11-Aug-15 21:05:29

I had placenta praevia with my first pregnancy. About 90% move up out of the way and cause no problems, which means 10% don't. But it will probably be fine. I don't think flying causes any trouble but make sure your insurance covers that you have it.

Pelvic rest and no very heavy lifting is sometimes advised, but my biggest bleed was when I was asleep in bed (they think caused by DS going head down and bashing it) so it's just luck.

If you do bleed you'll be in on bedrest, typically for 48 hours if it stops or longer if it doesn't so I'd advise packing your bag early. DH bringing me stuff had mixed results smile

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 11-Aug-15 21:08:01

And if it doesn't move it'll be a c section. But they'll check that later on at about 36 weeks of its still low at 32

Queazy Tue 11-Aug-15 21:16:34

Thanks so much. My insurance covers it, but now panicking in case I bleed for no reason over the next 3 months. My scan isn't until 32 weeks - did you request an earlier scan or just wait for one then?

My friends little boy came at 32 weeks, and she was incredibly I'll due to this condition. Crossing my fingers I'm one of the 90%, as you say. Thanks again for sharing your experience - it's been so helpful

Fizzy13 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:25:16

Don't panic.
My placenta was touching at 20 weeks and moved a bit by 32. Going back to see a consultant at 36. I've had no bleeding and as long as it moves a smidgen more intend to have a natural birth (in hospital just in case)

Queazy Tue 11-Aug-15 21:30:43

Thanks for your message Fizzy. Did you fly during pregnancy?

I've hit melodrama point now... I'm worried I'm going to bleed and be stuck in a hospital abroad with my poor little toddler missing me! I think I need a G&T (which I won't be having of course).

Crumbelina Tue 11-Aug-15 21:55:49

Eeek - don't worry, it's very common! My placenta is very low/crossing the exit. I found out at 20 weeks and the midwife was very relaxed about it, as am I. I'm almost 30 weeks and have been doing a fair bit of lifting (am renovating a house) although I did draw the line at carrying a sofa down the stairs (seriously DH?!). smile

Oh, and I flew to Kefalonia last month for a pre-baby holiday, probably almost 8 hours flying and all was fine.

Fizzy13 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:59:01

Yup I've flown a few times. No drama at all. I'm not concerned about it. (There's nothing I can do about it anyway!)

Crumbelina Tue 11-Aug-15 22:00:47

We also rented a small boat on hols and dropped the anchor at a lovely secluded beach. Sat on the beach sunning myself, only to see that the damn boat was drifting out to sea as we hadn't anchored properly. Cue me dashing out, swimming frantically and hauling myself up the side ladder to rescue the damn thing. All fine (no thanks to DH). smile

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 11-Aug-15 22:38:22

Mine had moved up at 32 weeks and without wanting to worry anyone, I would insist on another scan later on if it's still low ish at 32. Mine was 2cm or whatever the OK limit is so natural birth at the midwife centre expected, but I was in at 35 weeks and had emcs the morning of 36 weeks. DS is fine now luckily.

Crumbelina Wed 12-Aug-15 08:39:31

Just to add, I'm having a scan to check it at 32 weeks, if no joy then another to check at 36 weeks.

TimeforaDietCoke Wed 12-Aug-15 10:57:54

I had an anterior placenta touching os at 20 weeks, it had moved by 32 weeks. I didn't have any bleeding or issues during that time. Good luck OP flowers

whittlefish Wed 12-Aug-15 12:35:28

Queasy I had exactly the same as you at 20 weeks and googled and got myself panicked but was rescanned at 34 weeks and it had moved so all fine for a normal birth. I was also really worried about bleeding but have had nothing so far and am 39+4 now. If you do tho call your midwife/ hospital ASAP and they are likely to be on bed rest for a while but baby should be ok

ILikeBigBooks Wed 12-Aug-15 12:55:24

OP try not to panic. Most do move. I had placenta previa at 20 week scan - anterior but partially covering cervix by 0.5cm. Although most do move and are unproblematic if you do have a sudden bleed it can be scary and severe. So most people you ask won't have had any issues but it's wise to take precautions. I was told by the sonographer not to fly long haul (apparently air pressure can cause a bleed and there's not a lot they can do up in the air), not to have sex and not to lift my 18 month old (or anything else heavy). She also said to go straight to hospital if any bleeding at all - even if just on wiping. some sonographers are much more blasé about it. I had a private scan at 22 weeks and sonographer mentioned it in passing and gave no advice at all.

Of course any guidelines or advice is just that and most people you speak to wont have had any issues. It's up to you how much you want to (or even can) follow the guidelines- my friend with placenta previa flew long haul to the Caribbean. However, for me personally I'm a worrier and just didn't want to take any risks in case I was the minority that did bleed.

For what it's worth mine did move at 32 weeks so I could have the vaginal birth I desperately wanted.

Scans are in someways a blessing and a curse - the previous generation that didn't have scans would have just carried on in blissful ignorance with the placenta most likely moving by term. However, personally I would still rather know so that I could do all I could to minimise risks even if it does make for a more stressful pregnancy.

Good luck to you and hoping it moves


Queazy Wed 12-Aug-15 18:22:16

Thanks so much all of you smile I spoke to the midwife today who checked with a consultant and all ok to fly etc. I'm relieved that she told me not to stress about it and to wait until 32 week scan, but like you say, I'm so glad I know and can be mindful of overdoing it. That said, just heavy lifted a toddler around London, so clearly not quite mindful enough. This week will be last flight before birth, so hoping I minimise risk that way too.

I can't believe you had to swim out to rescue your boat crumbelina - that is exactly the kind of thing I can imagine happening to me!

Thanks so much again. I'm trying not to google about it, as I know it'll just leave me stressed for the next 4 months. I'd so wanted a homebirth to avoid a recurrence of my last induced and horrible labour, but now will just be happy to get to 38 weeks with a healthy me and baby smile

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