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MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 18:49:32

Felt nauseous all day. Started lat morning after my dd went for morning nap, suddenly came over dizzy and sick sl had to lie doen for bit, still feel sick now but its easing. I thought I was going to have an upsey stomach as it feels delicate. Was quite worried earlier on so much that I wished my dd to wake early from sleep and she did, dressed her in a hurry and went and bought pregnancy test which was negative but I noticed after the test that it says you can use it from the first missed day of your period - problem is that I am not due for another two weeks so what should I do, I cant wait that long! How do you find out if you are pregnant before your due. I also know it takes two weeks from conception before your body releases a hormone which pregnancy tests detect! Can the doc tell now if I am a few weeks pregnant?
This morning when I first thought about it I was so scared as My dd has just turned one but after a while I warmed to the idea and was almost disappointed to see a negative result. With my first pregnancy I suffered from morning sickness all day but it did not start until 6 weeks.
Can I be pregnant? I am pale and tired now but looked healthy this morning... If I am not then I dont know whats wrong.

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 18:52:23

Forgot to say I have been naughty and my only contraception was the "Quick withdral" and sex sessions are quite limited these days!!! so if one little sperm did get in there i would be amazed!

please someone reply soon as this is driving me bonkers!

Jimjams Sun 09-May-04 18:54:46

you ovulate 2 weeks before you're period is due. So by the time you are 2 weeks pregnant you're period is due. So if you're period is due in 2 weeks time you could get pregnant now but you can't be pregnant (or if you are you are hours/days at most and the embryo wouldn't have implanted yet anyway....)

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 18:57:37

thanks so you think im not?
surely i would not be getting morning sickness from being pregnant hours/days...
i never thought i'd say this but im a bit sad!

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 19:05:17

Mammyshirl, just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel. After had ds, I kept doing pregnancy tests and they were negative, he was less than one but I was desperate to have another child close in age to him, that I kept trying to convince myself I was pregnant at the slighest naseous/ tiredness feeling...Whilst you may not be, there is a very small chance you might be....were you able to tell you were pregnant as soon as you conceived with your dd? It's early days and I know the anticipation is just too much at times...Could you wait another couple of weeks and try a test again? I wish you luck

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 19:10:57

my first was a wonderful surprise - but i found out at 6 weeks, i was a few days overdue was was quite normal, one morning i woke at 5 am and thought "bloody hell, i think im pregnant" just felt different as soon as daylight hit I bought a pregnancy test and my morning sickness start instantly.
if i am its a surprise again but i would be happy.

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 19:14:18

sorry but just wanted to say have read jimjams comment that if your period is due in 2 weeks you can't be pregnant...I dunno if this is true, as was speaking with doctor the other day, and you can conceive anytime in the month, although the middle is depends how long your normal cycles are as if more than 4 weeks between, then if you got pregnant on the 10th ish day(it is possible so I've heard) and you period is due in 25-30 days (some women have 42 day cycles), then if you take 2 weeks before your due on, it's well after the tenth day (have I confused you) then you could be....the 2 week thing is a guide only, every women/pregnancy is you feel a little more emotional than normal btw

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 19:33:33

just wanted to see how you are Mammyshirl, if you're still about?

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 19:40:04

waqs just getting my little one off to sleep, story, bottle, music etc... little angel!

just read what you said, my i normally have 4 weeks between each period so i come on every fifth week.

yes i feel very emotional, cry quite easy... i have done since during my first pregnancy, was never emotional before... i have noticed i have been more lately... can the doctor tell now if i am under 2 weeks?

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 19:44:31

just looked at my calender to check my cycle, from the day i come on, i come on next four weeks after that approx. if ive got that right then im due on this week about wed so the pregnancy test should have detected it... so i guess im not pregnant... it really did feel like morning sickness.

ah well!

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 19:47:49

well, have a blood test myself on Friday, which measured level of HGC in blood (the pregnancy hormone) not sure when it starts to come into your body....but put it this way, I finshed a period had a break of a week, blled for a week and the level was 123 (indicates about 3 weeks on the chart)'s soooo hard to know really....if it's really on your mind a lot maybe you could have a chat with your local surgery, explain the situation and ask if you could have a blood's worth a try..sorry can't be of more help as I don't know myself what's going on at the beginning of conception...baldrickxxx

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 19:50:34

was sure pregnancy tests detected it from the day of your missed if a week after conception too soon...I dunno....fingers crossed

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 19:51:13

so does that mean you maybe three weeks pregnant?

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 19:52:20

oh yeah - getting all my fact mixed up now!
i think ill do what you said, ill call my doc tonmorrow to see if i can have a blood test.

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 20:02:12

baldrick - you around... do you think you are then?

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 20:14:17

Hi Mammyshirl, possibly...I started a thread under chat, with the same heading, which explains it well (don't know to attach it though)

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 20:24:17

wow - excellent! fingers crossed it all goes well! how old is your ds?

baldrick Sun 09-May-04 20:34:19

nearly 9

Jimjams Sun 09-May-04 20:41:46

baldrick- it is normal to ovulate 14 days before your next period. So if you have a longer period it would be longer at the begining iyswim. You can have sex a week before ovulation and still get pregnant (a week later) as sperm can survive for quite a time.

If you are due on on Wednesady of this week then the pregnancy test might not have been positive yet mammyshirl. Test again on the date you are due on.

MammyShirl Sun 09-May-04 20:48:05

I cant beleive i might be, I will be in shock as I have just got a routine going with my one year old!!! (not a very organised person) my body has just recovered, i actually weigh less then before i fell pregnant and I have just joined a gym for some "me" time to tone tummy and to get fit! Ah well... babys better than flat tummy! Better not go to the gym until I find out!
I'll keep you posted!

debbsy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:34:47

hello I wonder if anybody can help me ive been having funny cycles since last july 21 days 16 days 20 days 28 days etc.I had a period on the 25th jan 05 which only lasted a couple of days and i only used 3 tampons then i came on again on the 11th feb 05 bled lighter for 2 days and only used 3 tampons again.Im now experiencing throbbing around my nipple area and the top of my breasts by my underarms are hurting a little too its not constant but is getting more and more frequent,my urine also smells differently (sorry)and my nipples itch ive also been having pulling symptoms in my tummy but not painful and i have the most awful headache that wont go is there a possibility i could be pregnant? im trying not to get my hopes up as we have been trying since last may and my mums friend who is a midwife has told me to give my body a rest so my hubby and i havent been intimate since end of jan please please help me thank you Debbsy xx good luck to everyone who are pregnant xx

Holly290505 Tue 01-Mar-05 10:42:05

Hi Debbsy

Sounds like my story exactly Was having very funny cycles and never knew when to test. We tried for a year too (our baby is now due 29th May) I also had a lot of those symptoms when I suspected- esp the tingly boobs! I spent so much on tests that eventually a bought a job lot online and tested whenever I felt like. The light bleeding may have been an implantation bleed (I had that too)I tested about a week after that and it was positive Good luck - my fingers are crossed for you.

debbsy Tue 01-Mar-05 19:03:17

Thanks Holly and congratulations to you xx the pains in my boobs are driving me crazy and im very sore by my armpits any ideas anyone ???

Sarahx2005 Mon 11-Apr-05 15:21:46

Mammyshirl just wondered if you were pregnant or not - I have a similar story at the moment so would be insterested to know.
Sarah x

Debbsy Tue 12-Apr-05 22:05:56

no i wasnt mammy shirl good luck to you though u never know ur luck

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