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Hip clicking when walking - is this the start of SPD?

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Mawsymoo Tue 11-Aug-15 07:20:59

I'm just over 16 weeks pregnant and I've noticed over the last week that one of my hip joints has been clicking on occasion when I walk. It was very noticeable on my way to work this morning - it's not painful as such but uncomfortable.

I had a bad sacroiliac injury a few years ago and at the time the physio mentioned potential pelvic problems during pregnancy - however when pregnant with my DS I had no issues except for some sciatica so I thought I'd be "safe" this time too! I'm not big yet and have only gained a couple of pounds but I understand it's more due to increased mobility in the joints due to relaxin?

Did anyone else have this clicking and was it a sign of SPD? Should I get to a physio if so? Is there anything I can do at this stage to stop it getting bad? My DS doesn't walk yet so I'm a bit freaked out at the thought of becoming too incapacitated.

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