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Firstbaby2015 Tue 11-Aug-15 04:28:54

I'm not a regular poster but feel I could do with a little bit of the amazing hand holding I've seen on here!

I'm 41+1 and have been admitted to hospital due to protein in my wee and high spikes of blood pressure. We were kept waiting around until midnight to see a doctor who never came so DP was sent home and I've stayed.

Midwife has just said that doctor will be inducing me in the morning and I am terrified. Not so much of the induction process, more of being alone and being in pain as DP can only stay 9am-9pm until I end up on labour ward (which could take days).

I've barely slept due to the noise on my ward and am getting all worked up over the thought of this, I have no idea what to expect with it being our first.

Does anyone have any first timer advice?

turdfairynomore Tue 11-Aug-15 04:37:15

I'm 18 years past my last birth......but I'm awake in the wee hours so you aren't alone! Stay calm and think beyond the process to the outcome! Wow! I'd gladly trade places with you to be back at that stage flowers

turdfairynomore Tue 11-Aug-15 04:44:42

At the minute you aren't in pain and you aren't alone. That's my clumsy attempt at finding a "Pollyanna'' glad moment!

BBQueen Tue 11-Aug-15 04:47:13

I was in your situation a few months ago. You will be absolutely fine. The induction process for me was quite short, so there's a good chance you might meet your baby later today.

Cheshirehello79 Tue 11-Aug-15 04:47:58

Stay calm and try and rest as you will need it if you're getting induced. Above all good luck as soon you're bundle of joy will be here. I'm 24 weeks and wide awake cause my sleeping pattern is all messed up . Good luck ladies xx

sizethree Tue 11-Aug-15 04:49:57

Just try to think that every moment that passes is one bringing you closer to meeting your beautiful baby.
Your DP will be with you as soon as is is allowed, and by this time tomorrow you'll be your little family.
The feeling of nervousness and excitement are very similar. Try to enjoy this time to gather your thoughts and imagine the end goal, cuddles with your newborn.
So exciting! Big hugs and high fives. X

Twowrongsdontmakearight Tue 11-Aug-15 05:05:08

Hi! First things first, don't worry. I'm sorry you're on your own but hopefully DH will be with you again soon. Hospital wards are not the best places to sleep with all the coming and going but if you can't actually sleep try just resting with your eyes shut.

Next, remind yourself that women have been giving birth for centuries. And chose to have more than one child so more than one birth! Also, while some people enjoy sharing horror stories most births are absolutely fine and straightforward. Mine were.

You said you're afraid of being alone and in pain, but truly honestly for me it wasn't like that. I'm hoping you went to anti natal classes and learned some of the relaxation techniques. I'm the biggest wimp ever but managed both my births with mostly that and a bit of gas and air. Lots of waiting around between contractions rather than pain as such.

Films and TV always focus on screaming women but that is very much just the last few minutes, not the bulk of labour. And just after that there's your gorgeous baby who will make you forget all about it!

Ceejay14 Tue 11-Aug-15 05:06:41

I was induced 3 weeks ago at 6pm and DH sent home 4 hours later. It all started faster than expected and they were really good at moving me to the delivery ward and calling DH to come in. He was back with me by 4am. I know it's not nice if you have to start the labour on your own but it will just be the early stage and then your DH will be back. With a morning start, it's completely possible it will all kick off before 9pm and he'll be able to stay. Good luck!.

Firstbaby2015 Tue 11-Aug-15 08:45:46

Thank you all for your kind words! You are all helping to put me at ease.

I managed to get a little bit of sleep so don't feel so teary now, just massively under prepared all of a sudden! I think it's going out into the unknown that is freaking me out as I am a plan freak, apparently the most organised person my DP knows so I'm just finding it hard to get my head round that I can't control this. Try massively to focus on the end result!

Still waiting to even speak to a midwife this morning so we'll see what today brings! X

sizethree Tue 11-Aug-15 18:58:47

I hope all went well today and you're all snuggled up with your new baby.
Lots of love.

AdorabeezleWinterpop Tue 11-Aug-15 19:59:54

Exactly the same thing happened with me during my first pg. I had a pessary the first day and spent the day with DH. He went home and my waters went at midnight. Called him but, as I wasn't in labour yet, he stayed at home and came in the next day when I was put on the drip to speed up contractions. DD was born at 11.30pm.

Good luck. I was terrified about being induced, but it was actually completely fine and not as painful as I had been led to believe flowers

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