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Baby has 'unstable lie'. Anyone experienced this?

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Taucher1979 Mon 10-Aug-15 23:13:22

Hello all,

Dad to be here, hope that's ok!

We have had 3 scans over the last 3 days and the baby has been in a different position every time. Head down (but not engaged), transverse and oblique. Today is the first day of week 37. Anyway, after the scan this morning (transverse) my wife was told that she had to stay in hospital. There is a small but real risk of umbilical cord prolapse with an unstable lie, they said.

If the baby engages for a 24 hour period, my wife can come home. If her waters break, she will probably have an emergency C-Section. If the lie is still unstable, she will have a C-Section in 2 weeks (a week before due date).

I like that the midwives/consultants have been proactive but they haven't been very reassuring. Some websites think that a baby might engage in week 37 or 38 and that is fine. My wife is at hospital and might be there for 2 weeks. Are they just being cautious?

How worried should I be?



MrsAukerman Tue 11-Aug-15 07:02:23

I would feel reassured. Your wife seems to be getting very well looked after. I hope your baby turns into a nice position but if not she's in the best place. Make sure to keep a calm demeanor for her and bring her lots of lovely food and drinks and things to read.
When I was in hospital after having DS the best thing my husband brought in was salt and pepper mills to season the bland hospital food. Little things like that will keep her spirits up.
She can also do things to help. See for ideas on optimal foetal positioning.

Turquoiseblue Tue 11-Aug-15 07:12:23

I wouldn't worry at the moment - I t s a bit inconvenient for your wife to be in hospital as she's probably feeling fine, and they ll monitor her and the baby closely.
However cord prolapse is an emergency situation and if you were at home I m guessing they might not feel you can get to the hospital on time, and it s really reassuring that they hospital are keeping an eye closely. It s the safest option. They are then on hand to help if needed.
Plenty of books and distractions for your baby.
Also I d be careful with trying some of the positions recommended on spinning babies - check with the hospital first, as they are monitoring your baby (I was told not to go near them- in a slightly different scenario though so not assuming I know enough about your wife's pregnancy to recommend or not)

TheViciousChickenofBristol Tue 11-Aug-15 07:32:59

I had the exact same lie as your wife for the past month and was still head down(but in my right hip)/free/oblique last Monday (37 + 4 weeks) and on Friday when I was checked again (38 weeks) he was 3/5ths engaged and long (head down, bum up) so I don't think they should be worrying you so much at this stage but I suppose its good they are taking it so seriously.

I think I got him to move by lying on my right a few nights with a pillow under my bump and sitting on a cushion on the floor instead of the sofa...seems to have worked!

Good luck!

Taucher1979 Mon 17-Aug-15 12:13:06

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your replies - they really helped.

Anyway, on Friday (at 37 + 4) baby was head down and they scanned my wife often over the weekend and on Sunday night she was discharged as the baby is fully engaged and we have been realized to community midwife care with a low risk pregnancy! It was a strange experience - she was in hospital for 5 days and shared a ward with ladies who had quite serious pregnancy issues and , as one of the replies said, she felt fine.

We looked at Spinning Babies and read some of your suggestions and it seemed they did the trick so thanks again!


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