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Anyone experiencing bad lower back ache?

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Frillsandspills Mon 10-Aug-15 18:02:45

I'm 21 weeks at the moment and this afternoon I've been having relativey painful cramps which felt a bit like I needed a poo, so I may be a little constipated as nothing has came out yet. I rang the hospital just for some reassurance and they said to wait a few hours and if the pain gets worse then to go in and they'll check me over. My midwife got back to me and didn't seem too worried as pains are all normal and it's more backache than anything else really. I'm lying in bed now and can feel my baby kick and move and I can see my tummy move too which is very reassuring, my backache is just quite uncomfortable near the bottom.

Has anyone found any way to relieve this without taking more painkillers? Paracetamol has eased it a little but I still feel slightly achey which isn't surprising as I don't find paracetamol to work all that well. I should have taken cocodamol instead really.
Any positions you've found to sit in to be helpful?

also any reassurance that this is normal would be very much appreciated!

mummyneedinganswers Mon 10-Aug-15 18:20:28

Frills I have damaged discs and scoliosis and in agony at 24 weeks now. I've been given crutches to walk as extreme pain I would suggest regular paracetamol. Try bOth some days I'm n a bath 2/3 times to relieve it for while. Pillows behind back and under bum when sitting and in bed pillow between legs one at back and one at tummy or just buy the huge pregnancy pillow. Lie on side in bed and bring one knew up and the other out straight with the pillow as close to Lady parts as possible this maintains the natural gap between legs (physio gave me that tips and it works a gd bit) if you get unbearable ask to be referred to a physio they can give you support belts etc to ease discomfort which I have. I hAdn't found anything that completely takes it away but a mixture of techniques help.

I just n wait to give birth and get surgery to fix my spine. I hope it eases up for you and don't be afraid to go to gp or midwife if it gets unbearable xx

mummyneedinganswers Mon 10-Aug-15 18:24:27

And yes it's normal alot of people get discomfort like PGP and SPD it's part n parcel with pregnancy xx

Frillsandspills Mon 10-Aug-15 18:30:47

thank you so much mummy I'm sorry you're going through so much pain at the minute.
I've had issues with my lower back since I was about 12, never really got to the bottom of what it was due to me being so young I was never taken seriously but I did go to physio a few years ago and it didn't help much so I learnt to live with the backache so I wonder if this may be a flare up due to being pregnant? i will mention it to my GP/midwife at my next appointment if it's really painful and hopeully they will take me seriously!
I hope your back is able to be sorted once you've had your baby. Cant think of much worse than having terrible backache xx

24hourM0MMY Mon 10-Aug-15 18:39:19

Don't suffer. If its really bad, get help. I found a visit to am osteopath (with experience with pregnant women) extremely helpful. He fixed the issue.

mummyneedinganswers Mon 10-Aug-15 19:29:24

Yea frills Defo made worse by pregnancy all the muscles relaxing etc. Try those tips I gIve u and do say to someone. I've an appointment in January to go back to my orthopaedic consultant as baby born in November so there gong to Assess options then. Back pains one of those things when your backs sore it cAn be hard to function as it the main component in every movement we make. Alot of people underestimate how hRd it can be with a bad back so make sure to rest up when ever possible, I really do sympathise with you nothing worse than an achy back.

Try the bath before bed a nice warm one (I have reAlly hot even though they eckmmend not to) but it will relax you admit a while x

tinyme135 Mon 10-Aug-15 22:01:54

I use non medicated heat patches they work wonders for me.

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