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Preg pillow at 7 wks?!

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April2013 Mon 10-Aug-15 17:20:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummyneedinganswers Mon 10-Aug-15 17:31:03

I'm only on my first baby big could be mixture of bloWing etc that's making it uncomfortable. I'm 24 weeks with first but still sleep on tummy sometimes as I'm most comfortable like that due to damaged spine, I only move if she riggles and kicks , sleep how your most comfortAble x

mummyneedinganswers Mon 10-Aug-15 17:31:46

Could be a mixture of bloating*

Blackandwhitecat3 Mon 10-Aug-15 17:48:20

Hi OP and congrats. I had a bigger bump at 8 weeks than 12 - all bloat, very normal, it's the extra progesterone in your body. I used a normal pillow/cushion but have just splashed out for a dreamgenii (£20 off at TKMaxx currently). If you are constipated I swear it makes you twice as big.

Hopefully you've got the nausea that starts early andfinishes early, make sure you are keeping on plenty of fluids. I found eating lots of carbs helped. HTH.

Saltedcaramel2014 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:55:04

I hear you! I'm currently 12 weeks with 2nd pregnancy and feel the same (and have done since about five weeks). The bloating is crazy. By the end of the day I look six months pregnant... I wasn't even showing at this point last time. I hope it eases for you soon

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