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8 weeks and falling over with the weight of my boobs....

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chelle792 Mon 10-Aug-15 10:08:32

I'm 8 + 1 and my boobs are so sore! They are busting out of my bras and even my nipples are escaping now!!

I don't like to wear anything to bed but think I'm going to have to! My boobs feel so heavy that if I'm not wearing a bra I literally have to hold them!

Do I buy maternity bras now? I saw mothercare also has nighttime maternity bras. I'm also wondering whether to ditch underwire.

I don't want to buy expensive bras and then in a month need a bigger size again. Might regular Asda bras do or do I really need something 'special'?

Ps - I'd love to know I'm not the only one suffering with this!

chelle792 Mon 10-Aug-15 10:11:29

Oh yeah... I'm not actually falling over with the weight wink

GrizzlebertGrumbledink Mon 10-Aug-15 10:17:09

I bought a couple of non-underwires bras from m&s to be comfortable. They'll only get bigger (but he soreness eases) so don't spend a fortune, but I would ditch the underwire

GrizzlebertGrumbledink Mon 10-Aug-15 10:18:56

Ps. I thought maternity knickers were a rip off and continued to squeeze into my usual ones until I was about 30 weeks and a friend persuaded me into buying some maternity ones from h&m. The new found comfort was a revelation, as soon as your bump makes your smalls too small make the change, it's worth it to be comfortable in my opinion!

TriJo Mon 10-Aug-15 11:15:41

I'm only around 6 weeks (not sure on dates, waiting on an early scan) and I'm already up one and a half cup sizes. I was already big enough on top (30FF) so this is a world of fun...

Blackandwhitecat3 Mon 10-Aug-15 12:58:26

18 weeks and I'm already on round 3 of new bras. My tip is to only buy one or two at a time because you'll keep growing. I've also ignored any shop assistants who've told me I shouldn't buy nursing bras yet - they work perfectly fine as maternity bras and if I still fit them once DC is here, so much the better!

I bought a bravado (sold in JL and Jojo) bra for sleeping in at night, it's just so comfortable, and also Debenhams do nightwear with in-built support in their DD+ range.

I also ditched the underwired bras. Hurt too much.

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