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Not sure if I'm pregnant!

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ruby1986 Sun 09-Aug-15 20:06:45

Hi all

I've been going out of my mind for days reading posts and trying to find some answers...finally figured if I just ask I may get some advice! My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now. We found out I was pregnant 2 years ago but a week later found it wasn't to be. My last period started on 17/07/15 and my calculations put my ovulation on 02/08/15. My bf and I did the deed...twice to be sure, and within 2 days I started with really horrible dizziness, nausea and painful breasts. I thought I was going mad as signs shouldn't begin until after implantation but reading other posts I've learned that is down to a sharp rise in estrogen. Anyway the dizziness subsided and the following day (07/08/15) I had what I can only describe as period pains but no bleeding, possibly implantation bleeding? It's the 9th today and I can barely reach my cervix, mucus is watery...A little egg white (sorry for the detail). It's too early for a hot and im booked in this Wednesday for blood tests which will take a couple of days to come back but i'm out of my mind wondering. This all sounds positive right? Am I just looking for those hopeful signs? Apart from fatigue the only signs I have right now are my cervix position and painful boobs. Please someone tell me if they are experiencing the same thing or recognise all of this from their own pregnancies!!

Thanks in advance xxx

mummyneedinganswers Sun 09-Aug-15 20:16:00

U will drive yourself crazy I used to be like you I would symptom spot constantly, all your symptoms cAn be pregnancy and pms symptoms. And aswell everyone's pregnancies are different so what one person had in there's doesn't mean you will in yours,

Try to relAx and wait to take a test. Take a first response test in a few days to a week

Good luck x

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