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Babies movements just before birth!

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kicsr Mon 29-Apr-02 10:54:18

I am at 39 weeks now and no word of a lie, this baby is just as active as ever!!! I thought baby was meant to slow down, infact, my Midwife noted at my Anti Natel that baby had turned Breech last Friday and this morning was back into the Cephalic position......

I have been getting cronic Braxton Hicks Contractions this weekend, (even called Labour Ward) and baby wouldn't keep still the whole time.

Any comments or advice?!


Dixie Mon 29-Apr-02 11:03:22

I recently attended an ante-natal class and the midwife taking it said that movements up to the last minute are normal, she said they only slow down once the head becomes engaged because it restricts them or if your water breaks as it is a bit like pulling the plug out of your swimming pool...the less water you have the harder movement becomes but it is still possible.
have you directly asked your midwife about it if you are concerned?

Joe1 Mon 29-Apr-02 11:07:17

my ds was moving up to and while I was in labour, gave the midwife a nice kick when she was trying to listen to his heartbeat.

SueDonim Mon 29-Apr-02 11:46:48

My babies were all very active pre-birth, probably because none of them were engaged. My last even kept changing position right up until half an hour or so before she was born. The MW had to play Tig whenever she tried to find the heartbeat!!

kicsr Mon 29-Apr-02 11:50:30


Yes, thats my situation too, and although this is my first baby, at 39 weeks its head has not engaged and never seems to sleep in there!!


CAM Tue 30-Apr-02 14:32:02

My dd not only kept kicking me but also poking me with her fingers. I knew she would have long pointy fingernails when she "came out" because I could feel them, and she did!! After she was born I could still "feel" the poking for a few hours. Weird but I suppose like people say they can still "feel" an amputated limb.Had to give her a first nailcut and manicure(!) when only a few days old.

ChanelNo5 Tue 30-Apr-02 16:55:56

I could feel my dd moving about all the way through my labour with her.

kicsr Tue 30-Apr-02 19:10:54

Yes my little one has actually pinched me from within.

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