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Fat Already!

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blondiejess1982 Sun 09-Aug-15 11:11:43

Hiya everyone, I hope you are all well this morning?
I am only 7 weeks and seriously I feel so big compared to normal. I know it's not the baby as it is still a little seed, but I feel so bloated and actually look pregnant.. I have gained 5 pounds already too. Is this normal or am I just getting fat because I have been eating better maybe? I don't suppose it helps that I usually am in the gym 6 days a week and have cut that back because I don't want to risk anything I always hoped I would be size 10 still with a little bump!

Me624 Sun 09-Aug-15 11:19:52

I'm 10 weeks and feel enormous already. I think it's mostly bloat. If you're slim to begin with it's more noticeable I think!

MrsPCR Sun 09-Aug-15 11:40:44

I am also 7 weeks and also have major bloat! Particularly by the evening when I've gained a whopping 4 inches from the morning that I cannot hold in. But it is just wind.

I read something yesterday about your bowels loosening during pregnancy, releasing gases into your body which causes the morning sickness and the bloat (or something like that). I'm also a size 8/10 so feels more noticeable.

I read wearing non-restrictive clothing can help prevent some of the bloat. I'm glad I'm a dress wearer as it's definitely easier to hide!

zannyminxoxox Sun 09-Aug-15 11:59:01

Im 8 weeks and the same I am overweight anyway but I feel so huge and my clothes are getting tighter already.

Sleepingbunnies Sun 09-Aug-15 12:01:20

I'm 12 weeks and have been in maternity jeans for the last 3 weeks... Don't know if it's because it's my third or if I'm going to be the size of a house at the end!

Paperblank Sun 09-Aug-15 12:07:43

I'm 9+5 and I am slowly growing out of clothes sad My favourite jeans are now too tight to be comfy and even though I tried the hair bobble round the button trick they have been relegated to the boxes on top of the wardrobe.

I was moaning about getting fat yesterday and DP corrected are growing our baby, you are not fat!

Newtothis24 Sun 09-Aug-15 14:35:37

I I know exactly how you feel! I'm 9 and half weeks and I am sooooo bloated I strted to question whether I was further along than I originally thought but I think it is just bloating! Is so uncomfortable! I am quite small too (size 8-10) so it is so noticeable!!

saivartelija Sun 09-Aug-15 16:58:46

Yes, the baby itself is still small, but your uterus is bigger and you already have something like 10% extra blood circulating compared to 7 weeks ago. I think it is also possible that your body has started storing a tiny bit more fat to build up stores to prepare for breastfeeding and it all makes a difference. It is probably mostly the dreaded bloat though.

I was a size 10 before my first pregnancy, and I did have to buy new knickers in size 12 half way through the pregnancy! I was not impressed. But everyone carries differently so you may escape that. Hope you are feeling well otherwise!

Indomitable Sun 09-Aug-15 17:06:42

I am 7+2 and can't do my jeans up any more. It's mainly bloat, but I've also had to eat every 2 hours or feel awful. So, might not be all bloat!

Also DC2, which is my excuse.

I'm taking lame belly pics this time. The difference between 6 & 7 weeks is huge. Though to anyone other than me I just look a tad chunky.

I've got maternity clothes in the garage. Trying to resist getting them out.

blondiejess1982 Sun 09-Aug-15 17:56:49

I am glad it's not just me (well yknow.. Not like glad you are all feeling bloated and uncomfortable!) it's a strange feeling when you are use to being slimmer. Not a nice feeling but then I remember that I have something amazing going on and then I feel okay. It doesn't help that the boyfriends ex was skinny through pregnancy and skinny straight after.. X

MissEeerie Sun 09-Aug-15 17:58:59

I'm 10 weeks and look pregnant! I wasn't slim before but my wobble has turned into a solid pregnant belly.

MissSMartin Sun 09-Aug-15 18:40:19

I'm a size 8 .. still lucky but my stomach is massive since about 12 weeks.. I'm now 16w and this is my first baby so I'm surprised! I had to buy maternity jeans the other day as I'm sick of wearing my jeans either unbuttoned.. fastened with a bobble or fastened and cutting me in two! lol.. it will be the bloating probably at the moment for you which started about 8 weeks for me.. don't worry growing a human is a beautiful time grin

madsaz76 Sun 09-Aug-15 21:52:08

I'm 14 weeks. My uterus is only just above my public bone but I have a decent bump.

I know it's guts, wind, fluid and lard. But it doesn't like being confined. I look on this as my guts being very unhappy at being evicted from their normal safe place in my pelvis.

All of my clothes fit me perfectly. But I feel bloated and miserable.

Today I discovered maternity trousers (this is my first pregnancy) & am never taking them off again. You will have to peel them from my corpse in my 90s.

I felt as it wasn't solid bump maternity clothes needed to wait. Utter nonsense. It's miserable enough with the puking and tiredness - I am embracing the huge...

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