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Obstetric scan referral

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CarShare Sun 09-Aug-15 06:52:23

My midwife thought I might need to be seen by the fetal medicine centre for extra checks as my husband has 2 genetic conditions (AS and haemochromatosis). She rang the centre during my booking appointment in early July, left a voicemail and said they'd phone me within a couple of days if I needed an apt. I didn't hear so assumed the referral wasn't needed. Yesterday I received a letter stating a scan had been arranged with the obstetric team at 15 weeks (on Friday). Is this linked to the fetal medicine team and the referral made? Does anyone know what I can expect? I received my downs screening result on the same day as 1 in 6800- I know it's not as brilliant as others, could the two be linked in anyway? We were told at the 12 week scan that everything looked/measured normally. It's my first pregnancy and I'm 32, normal BMI (I read high/low BMI can prompt referral to obstetrics). Thanks in advance!

Jengnr Sun 09-Aug-15 08:28:58

When it comes to babies they err massively on the side of caution and doing the odd extra scan is an easy thing to do for everybody's peace of mind.

My son had craniosynostosis so with this pregnancy they wanted to monitor the baby despite the fact there isn't anything that could be picked up at this stage anyway.

Enjoy seeing your baby again and the peace of mind you'll get when it's all ok smile

CarShare Sun 09-Aug-15 09:30:18

Thanks Jengnr. I agree, I had a look at various referral guidance docs for different nhs trusts and they do seem to refer for all kinds of things.
I don't think either condition that my husband has would show up at this early stage and we wouldn't consider termination if the baby was affected anyway but as you say I guess it's nice to see him/her again!
I rechecked my 12 week scan notes this morning and everything is stated as normal so I think the scan must be linked to the midwife's phone call. Thanks for the advice!

Cazzybaby Sun 09-Aug-15 11:32:00

Hi Carshare
I'm booked into fetal medicine at St Thomas' for an extra scan on Tue, due to DD having a genetic condition. I don't think it could be picked up on a scan and even if it was I wouldn't consider termination but second that they like to keep an extra close eye. I do feel reassured that they are taking extra special care off baby and that I'll get an extra special in depth view off him. Hope yours all goes well xx

CarShare Sun 09-Aug-15 15:02:17

Thanks Cazzy. All the best for Tuesday. It'll be lovely to see your baby again I'm sure. Yes- it is good that they pay extra attention to any potential problems (although I doubt either of us will have any cause for concern). So lucky to have our fabulous NHS!

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