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Taking vit B6 as well as pregnacare when Ttc?

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artylady14 Sat 08-Aug-15 22:36:40

Hi pregnant ladies! I thought I would ask on here if anyone took extra Vit B6 after ovulation as well as Pregnacare conception? I'm 6dpo now but I have just found some at home. The Pregnacare gives 10mg but I read that you can take more to aid implantation? I ate pineapple, Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds for the first five days after ovulation but wonder if I need a supplement. I have PCOS. Thanks for any advice.

blessednay Sun 09-Aug-15 16:52:42

Hi artlady, just wanted to give my experience. I took vitabionics vit B complex ( as i heard a mixture is better then 1 vit b) with 'slightly' low carb for six weeks and BAM pregnant. I should probably add i also have PCOS and we haven't really been careful for the past year so im sure it was that. Im now taking myo-insitol as well as the complex. U might want to look into that as well. Good luck with ur journey.

artylady14 Mon 10-Aug-15 15:12:28

Hi there, were you taking a conception multivitamin too though?

artylady14 Wed 12-Aug-15 20:18:53


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