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stubborn baby movements

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SnowWhite26 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:09:42

Has anyone else got a stubborn baby.I am nearly 31weeks and she has always not been much of a mover.she has days when i feel it loads then hardly anything next day.When i lay quietly and press my tummy or stroke it or lay on my side she quite often doesnt move.Its like she is really stubborn and will only move on her terms.Makes me worry bout patterns as there are none!lol I just go with as long as i feel her a bit throughout the day its ok.Anyone else got a stubborn baby? Xx

lauraa4 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:14:47

I'm 33 weeks and my baby is exactly the same. Some days he will be going mad in there, other days he will be very lazy. I have noticed that I will get two or three busy days, and then two or three quiet days. I used to really worried about it but my midwife said that is his pattern.

SnowWhite26 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:18:46

Thats good to is a quiet day and i have felt lite movements a few times but not like yesterday evening when she was having a party. Its funny how i was expecting loadsof movement but like i said before even on active days its not that bad. Maybe she will move more in the nxt few weeks or shes just very chilled out smile xx

lauraa4 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:26:57

Well they say take note of a pattern forming from 28 weeks, but five weeks on I'm still yet to find that exact pattern grin. I know some people who feel their babies movements like clockwork but I've realised that not every baby does that. Because of how random they are I tell myself that as long as I feel him enough in a day then I'm comfortable with that. I do have the odd day where I think oh god he's being a pain I hope he's ok!

guineapig1 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:31:53

Sorry to jump in - this just came up in my active convos, but neither of mine ever had any regular movements in pregnancy. Like you say, had some really busy days where I felt black and blue by the end and other days I hardly felt anything. My midwife told me that this was normal and that some babies never have a regular movement pattern whilst others are like clockwork. She also told me that if you are busy through work or looking after a toddler or whatever, you might hit even notice some of the movements!!

ShootTheMoon Sat 08-Aug-15 20:40:49

Do you have an anterior placenta? It can mean that you feel much less as the placenta blocks the feelings of movement in your abdomen.

I have anterior placenta (and did with my first) and at 34 weeks I often don't feel many movements - usually only as the side of my bump, or the top.

theaveragebear1983 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:43:59

Do you know where your placenta is lying? If you have an anterior (on the front) placenta, often this masks the movement. Barely felt my DS move because of this; this time around I have low lying posteria placenta and it's like a flea circus in there.

irie Sat 08-Aug-15 20:44:07

I'm 33 weeks with an anterior placenta and don't feel much at all, at least now he's so big I get a bum/back sticking out, but I never really felt many kicks and definitely no pattern that I can think of. The whole count the kicks thing makes me so anxious though

SnowWhite26 Sat 08-Aug-15 20:44:55

Thanks for msgs made me feel better. I dunno bout placenta and where it is x

Daffodilliesanddaisies Sat 08-Aug-15 20:47:26

I'm 36 weeks and mine is exactly the same. She won't kick for an audience, as soon as anyone touches my bump she stops moving. She has no pattern either. I only found out the other day when I went into hospital for monitoring due to only having 4 movements all day that I have an anterior placenta. They scanned me and wrote it in my notes.

scarednoob Sat 08-Aug-15 21:33:46

Me me me I could have written this post. Drives me mad!!

SnowWhite26 Sat 08-Aug-15 22:39:58

I no.Its this crazy pattern thing that gets me.She just moves when she wants lol x

austengirl Sun 09-Aug-15 09:29:44

Mine's the same SnowWhite--super jumpy some times, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep, and then almost nothing for entire days. I have an anterior placenta, so I think that muffles a lot of movement, and I mostly feel things on the sides, or rarely at the top of the bump.

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