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strained stomach muscles :-(

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trian Fri 07-Aug-15 19:57:34

anyone else any experience of this?
pulled the muscles under my bump by walking up a hill. Would like to throttle the people involved.....
Can do so little without feeling it, got referral to physio but god knows how long that will take.
I've got soooo much to do before the birth (I don't mean basic things like decorating a nursery, those are things that I can neither afford financially or time-wise). Can't even go upstairs without it having an impact.
Will it ever heal or will the increasing bump (25wks now) mean permanent damage? If it will heal, how long will it take?
advice most welcome but I'll accept sympathy instead!

trian Sat 08-Aug-15 09:48:53

really could do with some advice, can't believe i'm the only person that's had this problem in pregnancy, especially since all the advice on exercise is "don't get so out of breath that you can't talk" and never once have I seen hills/stairs etc mentioned :-( :-(

Merlin333 Sat 08-Aug-15 10:07:22

Oh dear poor you! I have no advice Im afraid but you do have my sympathy do u mean by u would like to throttle the people involved?? Hopefully u will get physio appointment soon x

lauraa4 Sat 08-Aug-15 10:37:22

I had a trapped nerve and pulled back muscle when I was 23 weeks and it was horrible so I know how you feel. To be honest I was seen by a physio in less than a week, so not sure how long it is they are telling you the waiting list is. Once I had seen her and she released the tension in my back it did make a huge difference. The muscle will heal but it will take some time. I was having a bath twice a day to help, and also sat with a hot water bottle constantly, even at work. I was also using tiger balm before I went to bed which helped a lot. It was the white one and not the red, as I believe there's something in the red one which pregnant women are not supposed to use.

Have you considered that it could be round ligament pain? I experienced this around the same time as you in my pregnancy and it often felt like my stomach muscles were pulling.

Pomtastic Sat 08-Aug-15 10:57:56

I had similar a few weeks ago (16 weeks ish), pulled all stomach muscles by lifting a heavy buggy of library books up steps to our front door...then finished off the job by running for a bus holding heavy 3yo. Felt the muscles actually snap during running, eek.

I couldn't even put my foot to the floor without masses of pain, couldn't walk or do anything. A week of almost total rest (fortunately teacher DH was off for summer by then, would've been impossible otherwise) and I was loads better.

Still have to be careful though - hoovering/lifting things/walking too far does bring it back again a bit, not as bad as before however. Wait for physio is about 4 weeks from when midwife referred me.

Hope it improves for you soon!

DaftAda Sat 08-Aug-15 23:03:33

As laura says, it could be round ligament pain. For me it's a burning kind of pain that nothing seems to ease. It is horrid and you have my sympathies. I don't think it will last forever, although I recall the sensation of them moving back after birth was not good. I try to avoid things that will aggravate it. So I don't walk too fast, don't lift anything and adopt the fetal position if I need to laugh, cough or sneeze. But sometimes just rolling over in bed causes pain enough for me to yelp. My advice would be to plan your time carefully and schedule in rest and recovery time. You'll soon work out what really, really needs to be done, what can be delegated and what can be left. Best of luck.

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