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owl89 Fri 07-Aug-15 11:55:11

What can I expect to happen at my booking in appointment? I just got my letter to say my appointment is on the 7th of September and to take a urine sample but that's all it says really. So what can I expect to happen? I am nervous about telling work that I need to go that day as I am teacher and it's a couple of days after school starts eek!

Junosmum Fri 07-Aug-15 12:05:17

They take all your and baby daddy's details. They'll ask you about your medical history and family history and take some blood. They'll talk you through the blood tests and you can decline some if you want. They'll tell you about your scans and mskd the appointment for you, it will come in the post a few days/weeks later or you may be given a number to call to book depending on the area. You'll be asked which hospital you want your care in, so it may be an idea to research the ones near you. If you have any health issues they'll like refer you to a consultant.

Frankie72 Fri 07-Aug-15 12:29:56

I'm a teacher (happy 6 weeks!) and I told school pretty much straight away and it really was quite positive. They respected the fact I said and it meant I had no issues with appts. I then had a mc (not that this will happen to you!) and school were amazing. You can ask the head to keep it to themselves and as long as he/she is not a twat they will :-) good luck x

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