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Ovulation date with no periods?

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rosexx Thu 06-Aug-15 17:57:46

Hi I'm hoping someone can help. Im on micronor (mini pill) and have been since January. I haven't had a period since being on this (this is a common side effect) but lately I feel like I may be pregnant. Since being on this pill I haven't had any period symptoms atall each month (heaven) except for the constant worrying I am pregnant even if I have no signs haha. Anyway this past week I have had period like pains, my boobs had been achy on and off, I've felt kind of sicky but not actually been sick & whenever I'm in bed my legs feel like they having grown pains and cramp. I've also just felt really off and not myself.

As I have no periods I have no clue when to test or when I ovulated. This is where I need your help mumsnetters! I no that before I was on this pill my periods where so regular I had 28 day cycles with a 4 day light bleed.

Also from the day I started taking my new pill it was when my period was finished so technically I should be on my period on the last week of every 28 day back..

Does this sound right? And when would u advise me to Poas?

Also if I have worked this out right i should test on Monday as this is when my period would of started roughly??

Sorry for the essay xx

sarkymare Thu 06-Aug-15 18:14:26

If you are on the pill then you don't ovulate at all. Well at least you shouldn't as that is one of the main ways it's protects against pregnancy.

It's not unusual to have PMS some months and not others, even on contraception so I wouldn't necessarily be worrying about pregnancy due to that.

I'm confused about when your period is due. Your period should come at the end of every pack, usually about 2-3 days after you take your last pill/ 2-3 days into your sugar pills. It shouldn't be due a week before your pills run out. Is this not how this particular pill works? I've never been on this one.

sarkymare Thu 06-Aug-15 18:15:37

Anyway.. I would wait until your pills for this month run out, wait another day or two and then POAS if you are worried.

Best wishes

Hughpughbarneymagrew Thu 06-Aug-15 18:49:06

It's the mini pill not the combined pill so you can still ovulate while taking it and many people have no periods while taking it.

OP - if you have symptoms now then test now. If ours negative and you continue to have symptoms th test again after 7 days and after 14 days. If they are all negative then it's pretty unlikely that you are pregnant as even if you were only a couple of days past ovulation now (unlikely if you have true symptoms) then it would show positive by the final test.

Or, if you want to save on tests, just take one in 14 days!

rosexx Thu 06-Aug-15 20:13:57

Thank you hughpugh I will take one first thing tomorrow morning and again in 7 days depending on the outcome! Forgot to mention I have recently taken the pill out of the 3 hour time limit twice and had unprotected sex that day this is why I am worried a lot more than most months as I've always been so good with taking it on time!

Thanks for the advice smile

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