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2nd time but clueless...

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cheezypeas Thu 06-Aug-15 17:04:24

This is 2nd pg and am now 28 weeks. Just having a bit of a panic about knowing when I should get myself to hospital when the day comes confused.
Basically with DD, it could easily have been in the back of the car delivery if it wasn't for the fact I'd been kept in after waters going due to slightly high BP. For a few hours I remember coping OK pain wise whilst labour became established, thinking OK this isn't too horrendous but its going to get alot worse.... And then boom all of a sudden the urge to push and a couple of minutes later it was all over. If I'd left it until pain was unbearable I'd never had made it in shock.

So, this time do I just go in at first sign and refuse to budge??!!

KokoLoko Thu 06-Aug-15 20:16:49

Hi Cheezy,

I had much the same with my first, I went up to the hospital because I felt a bit odd and was 7cm. Exactly the same happened with DC2 except this time I had an inkling of what it meant. I felt a bit peculiar and was 8cm that time.. I actually told the mw I felt 'a bit uncomfortable' and she didn't believe I was in labour until she examined me. They only just had time to fill the birthing pool. So hopefully you'll recognise the signs from DC1 even if they're not what would be considered established labour by your mw, if you see what I mean.

So really I'm no help except to say that I hope your DC2 is as easy as your first, and I hope DC3 (31 weeks) is ok for me too!

Good luck!

cheezypeas Thu 06-Aug-15 20:28:37

Thanks Koko! Yes hoping for it to be straightforward smile again! Just want to avoid a baby born in layby scenario! I seemed to go from strong period like pain, straight to pushing with nothing in between last time. It was over 6 years ago so may have blotted out the memories somewhat lol. Good luck with dc3! X

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