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AMAZONAS Slings and Carriers - Anyone used them?

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Rufus200 Wed 05-Aug-15 11:02:44

There is a large range of AMAZONAS Slings for sale on Achica, cheaper then I can find elsewhere but I know nothing about slings or carriers. Sale has 3 days left so I need to make a decision soon. I was looking at the smart carrier and carry star, has anyone used them?

If anyone wants to buy one, if you use the referral link below it gets you £10 off your 1st order, if you aren't already registered with Achica.

BadgerFace Wed 05-Aug-15 12:11:42

Both of those are good slings in that the baby faces you and has its knees in an "M" position which is good for their hips, and more comfortable for you (and them) to be carried longer term.

There are lots of different slings however and different brands suit/are more comfortable for different people depending on body shape etc. The Amazonas looks easy to use (as most soft structured carriers are) but if at all possible I would advise going to a sling library if there is one near you as they are excellent at giving advice and you can hire slings out cheaply to find one which suits you before buying. For example, some people prefer slings which have straps which cross as the back into an X and some people prefer ones which go on like a backwards rucksack. Some slings do one or the other (although some will do both, I can't tell from the Amazonas picture which it does).

If you are looking to carry from the newborn stage then it might be worth looking at something like a Close Caboo. I had a Connecta with DD (which I LOVED) which I used from about 6 months (once I found out about slings!) but for number 2 I am going to start with a Caboo as they are good for newborns and then move onto the Connecta from about 3 months.

Good luck! Slings are a whole massive (and sometimes confusing) world but I wish I'd known about them from the beginning with DD!!

Rufus200 Wed 05-Aug-15 18:41:11

Thank you Badger for the advice

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