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Strain on relationship!

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Minniemouse94 Tue 04-Aug-15 22:49:30

Did anyone else's first pregnancy put strain on their relationship? Just don't think he knows how I feelsad

teaandcake2016 Tue 04-Aug-15 22:58:56

Yes! I will never forget at 6wks pg, when I said I felt irritated and needed a Walk (I explained very nicely it was hormones and not over anything in particular )- I was told I was making it up and was being moody for no reason (the language was a bit stronger). I was also asked why do I feel sick, a few weeks later. By that point I accepted that a lot of men are clueless!

Gillian1980 Tue 04-Aug-15 23:16:08

Not personally, but you do see a lot of posts on here about blokes thinking women need to pull themselves together - they really struggle to understand.

Quite a few friends have partners who have been frankly rubbish and think that it's just a bit of sickness, or that women do it every day and it can't be that hard etc.

I'd tell them very bluntly to piss off if I had comments like that.

Gillian1980 Tue 04-Aug-15 23:17:41

I think sometimes a book aimed at explaining pregnancy to blokes can be useful, so it's coming from a third party and not just their mrs "moaning".

mummyneedinganswers Tue 04-Aug-15 23:21:19

This is my first and I don't have that problem but dp does my head in at times he feels he needs to be doing something in the house constantly like he's not doing enough but it grates on me he never sits down lol. A lot of peoples relationships struggle through pregnancy the woman feels shit and the men don't understand. I always swear by talking things through me and my dp don't argue we discuss this because arguing gets us nowhere so if we have a problem or disagreement we deal with it then and there. Talk to him explain how you feel and your concerns, but remember as well your dp has feelings too and his feelings and concerns aren't less important because he's not the one pregnant so you have to acknowledge his and not make it all about yourself (which I'm not saying you are doing ) just talk x

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