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Morning after pill- pregnancy signs?- anyone got pregnant?

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Antonia87 Tue 04-Aug-15 16:41:07

So, my fiance and I sort of decided to start trying for a baby. Its only two months before our wedding so we thought we would get on with it. After the first attempt, like a mentalist, I panicked and took the MAP. I would definately have been fertile. Fiance was not pleased, poor chap :-s!
So, I didn't think anything more about it until I started getting very emotional about a week later and feeling inexplicably exhausted- falling asleep in work exhausted! I also had a brown bleed for 24 hours, two weeks before period was due. Thought it was my period but then it buggered off.Since then , i'm not sure if i'm imagining symptoms but my nipples feel tingly and I feel like i'm coming down with the flu. Its too early to test and now i've come around to the idea I wouldn't be upset if we were pregnant ( apart from sober wedding;-)! Has this happened to anyone else? What was the outcome?

flippyflapper Tue 04-Aug-15 17:43:17


I have only taken the morning after pill once.

We had 3 children youngest was about 4 weeks old and we were using condoms but it must if split or somthing as when I went to the toilet it was obvious there was seen.
The next day I got the morning after pill and took as instructed.

Just before my period I just didn't feel right took a test and I was pregnant and it was twins smile

So we now have 5 children.

I don't no anyone else this has happend to so I'm assuming it's rare.

Good luck I hope it turns out what ever you want it to be.

MrsGentlyBenevolent Tue 04-Aug-15 17:54:37

I did fall pregnant after taking the MAP, however apparently if you take two within a few weeks the second one has less chance of working. That's what I was lectured by a health professional (after it was too late hmm). However, obviously my case is slightly different from yours as you only took the one. Only sure way to find out is to pee on a stick, so I'm afraid you're just going to have to wait a bit longer!

Northernlurker Tue 04-Aug-15 18:16:14

Those certainly sound like pregnancy symptoms. The MAP is not anywhere near 100% especially if you're mid cycle when you need it/take it. I would give it a few more days then test but be prepared for it to be positive. Getting pregnant can be scarily easy sometimes.

blessedenough Tue 04-Aug-15 18:20:39

2 lots of map 2 dc but I am a big chubba and apparently it's less effective if you weigh over 12 St. Before I sound all Jeremy kyle both times decided to try then I had a wobble, pregnant first time each time. Couldn't be happier, hubby has since had a vascetomy!

Antonia87 Tue 04-Aug-15 18:24:21

Nice to know I not the only one to have a wobble when TTC! Thanks Blessed! I have also been having hot flushes when Im usually a cold person. Cant test until the weekend but it sounds like its happened to a few of you!

DevaDiva Tue 04-Aug-15 18:49:46

I too got pregnant with DC1 after taking MAP (another split condom here). We weren't trying but I wasn't gutted, just shocked! Good luck OP

scaevola Tue 04-Aug-15 19:00:38

MAP prevents about 85% of conceptions that would otherwise have been expected.

But even when it's working, it can muck up your cycle, with spotting and strange hormone-y symptoms (rather like early pg). Only a test, about 2 weeks after the event, will tell which it is.

floraljo Wed 05-Aug-15 12:07:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 05-Aug-15 12:14:11

My niece was born after my sil took the MAP.

soloula Wed 05-Aug-15 12:42:01

Superdrugs own brand test are much more sensitive than a lot of others - and not too expensive - so if you wanted to test before the weekend then they might be worth a try?

Antonia87 Wed 05-Aug-15 22:16:49

Thanks Soloula. I may hunt for those tomorrow if I can pluck up the courage

Antonia87 Wed 12-Aug-15 14:20:46

AF arrived! Must have been a virus or something!

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