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Help - confused by dates!

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SaySomethingCool Tue 04-Aug-15 16:09:37

Have been TTC #4 for a few months now (you'd think I'd have got the hang of this by now!) and had a BFP yesterday! smile

The problem is I'm not sure how pregnant I am, I usually have a 30 day cycle. Had AF on May 26 and was expecting her arrival again around 26 June. No AF then but I did have what I was convinced was an implantation bleed (after experiencing that before) so waited until I was 1/2 days overdue, tested and got BFN. I then had what I thought was a very late AF on 7 July, so much later than expected which is unusual for me, although it was much shorther than my usual period - only 3 days. I didn't think it was light enough bleeding to be anything other than AF at the time (sorry for TMI).

I figured my cycle was probably just a bit off as I had tested after AF was due on got BFN. If my cycle was still 30 days then AF would have been due at the end of this week. I tested yesterday as I was trying out OPK's and they were testing + and I didn't think I should be ovulating based on dates, so tested to rule it out and got BFP! If last AF was 07 July then surely testing yesterday would have been to ealry to get BFP?

If you've kept up this far then thank you! My question is do I use date for last AF of May 26 or July 07? It will make a difference in terms of when I can book in and request 12 week scan so need to try and figure it out really so I know when to book with midwife.

Also, I haven't told DH yet as I want to think of a nice way of surprising him but would like to be more sure of dates etc first.

Any help figuring out how far along I am would be much appreciated! I know a scan will provide a more difinitive answer but I would just like to know - and any suggestions for breaking the news to DH are also most welcome grin

EdgarAllenPoe Tue 04-Aug-15 16:59:34

Just tell the midwife you aren't sure which it was and that your cycle is irregular. LMP is a pretty rough guide anyway, this is what dating scans are for. So long as you get the scan on the early side of 11-14 weeks, you should still be within the window to get any nuchal screening even if it turns out the later date was correct (if that's something you want).

I had the opposite. I was positive I knew exactly when I ovulated, but my dating scan put me ahead of where I expected to be.

Can't help on how to break it to DH. He found out before I did!

SaySomethingCool Tue 04-Aug-15 17:26:38

Thanks, I think I pretty much knew that its just I'm a little surprised I think so wanted to get it all straight in my head!

I'll book in with the MW in a few weeks and go from there. In the meantime I can spend the time thinking of creative ways to break the news!

How on earth did yours know first?!

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