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So scared about vbac, anyone??

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MummyPiggy87 Tue 04-Aug-15 09:04:22

I posted a while ago about having an elcs or vbac.
After a lot of thinking I've decided that I'm going to just go for the natural way, and if it ends in emcs again then that's that.
My consultant said I've a 72-78% chance of a successful birth.
My 1st ended in emcs because he was facing the wrong way around and after unsuccessful forceps ended up getting distressed.
Has anyone got any positive ending to a vbac please???

Ally1234 Tue 04-Aug-15 09:18:10

i had my first vbac in 2009. dc1 was overdue so I was induced which didn't work (after 12hours i was still only 2cm and as soon as they removed the drip all contractions stopped!) but they had broken my waters so she needed to come out hence C-section. I wanted a vbac with dc as by this point I was a single mum, dc1 was in reception at school, I just didn't have 6 weeks to recover from major surgery. At 40 weeks I was told he wasn't even engaged yet but by 41 weeks he had so I had a sweep. then followed a 51hour labour! I had EVERY drug going (gas and air, pethidine and an epidural by the end!) but when it came to pushing it took 10minutes and out he popped just a slight graze so no stitches either. he was born in the morning so i spent most of the day sleeping and the following day I was up town with my mum having a drink at café nero.
I had a second vbac in 2012 with dc3, although it was nearly a C-section as he was breech until 36 weeks. but he turned and after just 14 hours and only gas and air he came out again no issues. Will hopefully have vbac number 3 in December. it really is so much better then a C-section if you can do it. obviously if you cant you cant, having a healthy baby is far more important then which way he/she comes out.
Good Luck with the birth either way x

MummyPiggy87 Tue 04-Aug-15 09:23:25

Ah that's good Ally.
I also don't have any back up for school runs which require driving my son which is another reason I didn't want elcs.
Can you drive after having a baby naturally? And how long were you in pain for afterwards? And can you walk ok?

AbbeyRoadCrossing Tue 04-Aug-15 09:30:26

I'm place marking as I might be VBAC too (they won't sign off a c section) I've never had a labour amongst other factors so have 60% chance of success

coveredinsnot Sun 09-Aug-15 08:29:21

I'm in the same position. Although I will refuse an induction due to increased risk of rupture and extra monitoring / lack of mobility. Hopefully will go into labour naturally but am scared of giving birth despite hypnobirthing course and hiring a doula! Last labour ended in cesarean and was a long, exhausting and painful experience. Tempted just to go for an elective cesarean but really not sure what to do !

WalterandWinifred Sun 09-Aug-15 08:55:37

I had a long debate between vbac and elcs but went with vbac for similar reasons. I hadn't laboured before so they had told me to expect a long 'first time' labour and continuous monitoring. It actually ended up being a 1 hour 40min speedy delivery. I stayed at home until the last 20mins at the midwives' recommendation even though I thought I was supposed to be continuously monitored. Had a episiotomy at the end as his heart rate was dropping but otherwise it was completely straightforward (and quick). Had no pain relief other than tens machine.

Breastfeeding was so much easier that with my first CS and I felt much less delicate all round. The stitches took a long time to heal and were very sore but overall recovery was much easier, especially with an older child.

Good luck!

WalterandWinifred Sun 09-Aug-15 08:56:54

Sorry, that was supposed to say I had episiotomy and ventouse

SpinMyBaby Sun 09-Aug-15 09:12:21

I had a successful VBAC last Sunday. DS was born by EMCS after failure to progress - he was back to back like your first and got stuck. I wanted a VBAC partly for practical reasons but was scared history would repeat itself, as DD was back to back until very late on. I think she eventually turned sideways though (not entirely sure).

Anyway, I went into labour last Sunday at 40+2, and DD was born within about 9 hours of me first realising I was having contractions. I coped (just about) with gas and air and breathing and positions learned in Daisy birthing classes, and had a completely different experience to last time. There was one point where I started feeling backache between contractions as I'd had with my first, and I worried the same thing was happening, but thankfully it didn't last.

Hope you have a similarly straightforward experience. Time for newborn cuddles now smile

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