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Being induced tomor but more worried about BF!

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Treesandbees Tue 04-Aug-15 09:00:04

So I'm being induced tomorrow at 38+3 due to a pre-existing kidney condition. This is my 2nd DC so I know what's coming and feel prepared for induction as I've been through one already. But...I'm really scared about breast feeding! I tried so hard with my little boy but he had an undiagnosed tongue tie for 5 weeks which was agony. He was so unsettled and unhappy as he was starving bless him and it affected us bonding. In the end I switched to FF which was right for both of us. But I really want to BF this time but feel like the fear is getting in the way. Anyone had a good success story the 2nd time around?

Doublebubblebubble Tue 04-Aug-15 17:40:31

I don't have any advice with regard to this because with my DD I didn't have any problems bf - I'm currently 31 weeks with my ds and am hoping to do the same although I know that it doesn't always work out like that x however I don't think stressing is going to help you in anyway at all. When it comes to bf and everything in life really the calmer you are the easier it is x I would mention your concerns to your midwife/midwives and they should be able to help you after baby is born x I wish you all the best with your bf and induction xx good luck xx

Ragusa Tue 04-Aug-15 17:55:41

Would it help to book a pre-emptive appointment with a proper lactation consultant for a few days' time? Someone who really knows about tongue tie? If you look at the LCGB website you should be able to find someone on there.

TT can be hereditary. Not wanting to freak you out further but it's as well to be prepared and if you have something booked in then you can rest easy.

mrstothemr Tue 04-Aug-15 18:14:34

Maybe try looking at it the other way - with the experience you've had you know exactly what the problem signs are, so if you feel any of those things again you'll know somethings wrong. And be well placed to make an informed decision about if / when to ff.

Trust yourself and know that you're prepared with all that knowledge from last time x

soloula Tue 04-Aug-15 18:18:34

Try not to worry. Easier said than done I know. At least you know from your experience from DS that formula really is ok and if you need to go to formula it's not the end of the world. Share your concerns with your midwives and health visitor. I was very lucky that I had no issues BFing DD but I'm now 32 weeks with no 2 and worrying about whether it will be so easy next time round. At the end of the day though, there's nothing we can do until babies arrive and we see how we get on. Take advantage of all the expertise on the wards - midwives and even second time mums who may be old hands and can give you some tips. If you're worried then don't hesitate to press the buzzer to get someone to check your latch and hold. Do this for every feed until you feel confident little one is feeding ok. Likewise when you get home. If there are any issues with tongue tie then I'm sure you'll be better prepared this time to deal with them and can learn from your past experience rather than you having to struggle the same as you did before.

Nannynome Tue 04-Aug-15 18:27:40

I had huge amount of issues with DS1 as he was jaundiced, had a tiny mouth, shallow latch and it never clicked with the pair of us, I struggled for 8 weeks with various counsellors trying to help and getting nowhere before having to express and mix feed with bottles. I know that despair of wanting to do it and not being able to.
However, DD was born 2 weeks ago and the difference has been astounding. She latched instantly, drinks as much as she needs and then let's go on her own and is now happily feeding every 3 hours for 30mins or so without any issues, any pain and it is so simple compared to last time!! I would never have believed it if you told me 3 weeks ago how easy it was going to be! Each baby is different and hopefully you will have a different experience this time like I did!

Hypotenuse Tue 04-Aug-15 18:33:50

I had an awful time of it first time round, bleeding, scabby nipples even with nipple shields for the first four months and not a pain-free breastfeed for the first 18 months, two rounds of mastitis... You get the idea. Traumatic to say the least!

Second baby latched on like a pro and has been a dream to feed since day one.

Have a decent LC on call to help, get some nipple shields in just in case, but be kind to yourself.

You could try to hand express some colostrum and have it in syringes ready for baby if you're stuck for something to do while waiting for the pessary to take effect...

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