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33 weeks and just split up with partner

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Tia2005 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:04:26

We have just split up basically he won't except my daughter she's 9 he said there never going to get on and he will never be a step dad to her so he said he sees me and the baby has his family but not my daughter , we have been together for about 2 years my daughter don't see her dad at all. Looks like I'm going to be doing it all on my own again. We never lived together I can't be with someone who says thing like that about my daughter I hope I've done the wright thing

whatsoever Tue 04-Aug-15 00:21:00

Hi OP, I remember some of you earlier posts and it sounds like you have done the right thing.

Do you have any other family around to help you out?

April2013 Tue 04-Aug-15 09:15:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MummyPiggy87 Tue 04-Aug-15 09:17:01

Similar story..
My dh came into my life when I had a son, and then left saying the same thing. He 'couldn't do it' and basically ran scared. It was heartbreaking.
A few months later he came back, and basically said he can't live without us, and whilst he admits he will never love my son like his own and really struggles to bond with him, he still cares about him and will try his best to be there. We've now been together for 6 years since then.
Try not to pressure him into being her dad, or acting like a dad etc. I have never had a step child so I have no idea what it's like but I can imagine it's difficult.
Maybe he thinks that he should love her in a way he doesn't? I don't know, I could be wrong I'm just trying to put a positive outlook on this for you x

Tia2005 Tue 04-Aug-15 18:00:33


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