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Flight socks

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Mummybear1984 Mon 03-Aug-15 21:57:39

I am flying to Dubai later in the week and am considering if I need to get some flight socks. I am 20 weeks pregnant.

Has anyone experience of wearing them? Did they help? Which ones did you go for?


Jelliebabe1 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:03:18

Yes definitely get some! I ordered a pair from Amazon and I was only going to Greece!

Brummiegirl15 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:53:54

I saw the consultant today and I'm travelling to US at 22 weeks.

Flight socks are a non negotiable must have.

newbian Tue 04-Aug-15 02:45:33

Must have. I've been on two flights past 20 weeks - one 14 hours and one 5 hours - and wore them on both. I bought a really ugly medical looking pair from a pharmacy that are 20-30 rating (can't remember the unit but they're measured in a unit of compression).

50degreesintheshade Tue 04-Aug-15 05:17:25

I have just flown back home to Dubai at 35 weeks pregnant and I have to admit that I have never bothered to buy them. I just keep active on the flight and drink plenty of water. I guess it also depends on what class you travel. I hope you like the heat, we are expecting a heatwave by the end of the week :-(

newbian Tue 04-Aug-15 05:54:07

50degrees class of travel has nothing to do with risk of deep vein thrombosis or swelling. All pregnant women are at increased risk as our veins are larger and when they expand/contract due to sitting and cabin pressure clots are more likely. I flew business/premium economy and told my doctor so, he still said I needed to buy the socks.

Please buy them Mummybear smile

BumbleBee0 Tue 04-Aug-15 06:54:28

I'm flying to Sydney at 26 wks and hadn't thought about socks until seeing this but will definitely be buying them, anything to reduce the risk. Where do you get them from? Do boots sell them, or somewhere more specialist for decent ones? Thanks

Mummybear1984 Tue 04-Aug-15 08:29:29

Thanks everyone, I will get some.
Will get on Amazon prime.
Will any do? I've been looking at the scholl ones.

A heat wave... Isn't it hot enough already?!?! Oh no...also have my 16 month old. It's going to be an interesting time!!

newbian Tue 04-Aug-15 08:47:01

Boots, Amazon, they even sell them at large airports. The compression rating is what you need to look for in terms of quality, other than that the only differences will be color and style to your preference. Mine are horrible and ugly so I've worn maxi skirts when flying so as not to look too ridiculous.

scarednoob Tue 04-Aug-15 08:55:21

Definitely. And read how to fit them properly - it's not rocket science but you do have to pull them up properly and align the toes, heel seams etc.

I wanted to wear shorts on my flight home from Mallorca on sat, but with knee high flight socks?!

My obstetrician said we should even be wearing them for other long journeys by car, train etc if we can't walk around much

BumbleBee0 Tue 04-Aug-15 10:52:26

Good point about the clothing! Could've ended up looking a right plonker! grinblush

Stainlessteel Tue 04-Aug-15 14:38:47

In the heatwave we just had my feet swelled up like melons so the GP prescribed compression socks. All fine and well but I couldn't manage to get the fuckers on. If you do get them, check you can put them on well in advance, if not draft DP or relative to act as helper.

Ohwhatbliss Tue 04-Aug-15 15:00:17

I was told by my OB to wear the thigh length ones that cover the whole leg and to put them on the morning of the day you travel to avoid swelling. Not the most comfortable garments but needs must!

Surprisedbunny Tue 04-Aug-15 17:35:42

Recent research has cast doubt on their effectiveness, there's basically no evidence they stop DVT forming according to what I've read, so don't obsess about them too much. Frequent movement on the flight and keeping hydrated is still recommended though. I've just flown back from Ecuador at 19 weeks without them, because they're just uncomfortable. I did wear them on the way out though. They might stop your legs swelling though if you're prone to that?

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