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Bleeding after bowel movement - 8wks pg

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Brindler Mon 03-Aug-15 19:17:56

I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant with no. 2 (after 2 long years of trying). I had some spotting on Friday which I was kind of expecting as I had it several times with dd1 although not til much later in my pregnancy.

Went for a private reassurance scan on Saturday. All looked well, good heartbeat etc. Saturday night I went to the loo, was a bit constipated so after a bit of a strain I noticed blood. Thought it was from my rear end but def from the front. Red blood too. Same thing happened again today. No stomach pains though I should add.

Has anyone else experienced bleeding after a bowel movement in early pregnancy?? Hoping for some reassurance/experiences from someone ... If it's not normal I don't understand how things can go so wrong after such a positive scan just a couple of days ago!

cheezypeas Mon 03-Aug-15 19:25:13

I've had bleeding on and off through both my pregnancies and yes, often after a number 2. Get checked out because you don't want to take any chances. . but it could possibly be a cervical erosion. I have that and any kind of straining makes it bleed sad. The bleeding always stops pretty promptly and never had any pain with it. Don't take any chances though and get checked out. Hope all is well xx

Acroyoga Mon 03-Aug-15 21:58:30

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Jelliebabe1 Mon 03-Aug-15 22:02:07

Yes I had that with my current pregnancy. It happened from about 4 weeks to 9 but had noot adverse affects apart from scaring me silly.

Brindler Tue 04-Aug-15 08:14:49

Ahh thank you ladies that's really reassuring to hear I'm not alone with this. I've never miscarried before so don't know what it would be like and the bleeding does stop quickly - seems to be one bit and then that's it and also no pain which is good. I'll definitely give the epu a call, although not even had my booking appointment yet! The only reason I haven't called yet is that I've assumed they will fob me off as I'm still so early into my pregnancy

MissSMartin Tue 04-Aug-15 08:21:55

After my bleeds (3) the first thing my dr & Mw asked is 'where you straining yourself on the toilet' so i think its fairly common for that reason but I'd still just go to your doctor and see what they say just to be sure x

Polka007 Tue 04-Aug-15 11:57:40

Hi OP, I too bled in my first pg after some toilet straining (after 3 previous mc's) so the fear of god took over and I thought it was the inevitable happening however when I phoned my MW she reassured me and also reminded me that I was injecting heparin (blood thinner) which could easily accentuate a tiny bleed after straining. All in all, if theres no cramping and it stops and is only really there from wiping I'd say its absolutely fine. Good luck!

Doublebubblebubble Tue 04-Aug-15 16:07:22

I have had this ( not with bright red blood - just brown blood ) and it was after straining and possibly knocking my cervix... I'm currently 31 weeks so all was fine but (given my history) I would personally like to get checked out just in case xx good luck xx

Brindler Sat 08-Aug-15 19:12:30

Thanks for your replies everyone. Just to let you know I had an appt at epu yesterday. Was scanned again and baby is still fine and bleeding isn't come from that area. The doctor tried to fob me off by saying I probably had piles but the bleeding is most definitely not coming from there!!! So for now I'll stay hopeful that baby is ok and hope this doesn't continue for too long!

LorryHen Sat 08-Aug-15 21:24:47

Glad you got everything checked out and it's fine. This happened to me 3 times at 8,10 and 12 weeks and was def from the front. Weirdly it hasn't happened since but I'm 30 weeks soon so wasn't bad. Just try not to strain too much which is easier said than done when you're constipated!

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